Maute Moo Update – Week 27

27 Weeks Pregnant today!

Some how my 3rd trimester is creeping up on me.  Where did my 2nd trimester go? I can’t believe our due date is 91 days away.  I have noticed a huge difference in my pregnancy this week. I’m still feeling good. My energy levels are still high (relatively speaking). But…

I’m Starving!: My hunger is through the roof! I’m hungry all day long. I wake up starving which isn’t a good thing for me. It usually results in me throwing up. I try to go to bed full, but I can’t get enough food this week. Today alone, I have already ate:

Breakfast: Banana Zucchini Bread and Orange Juice

Morning Snack: Apple

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich, Cheese stick, and Carrots

Afternoon After lunch Snack: Yogurt

All of this was consumed before 1pm. I’ll have another snack before I leave work at 4. It’s Tuesday which means we will be heading to Tijuana Flats for Taco Tuesdays! And before bed, I’ll have some ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s Phish food is a must have!) and a kiwi or a peach. I’m also pretty sure I’ll eat a handful or two of Swedish fish at some point today.

Even after all that food, I can guarantee I’ll be hungry 1 hour after eating.

Yesterday at the beach: 80 Degrees and Still Humid

I’m HOT! – Hot flashes are here. I’m hot all the time. I’m normally a cold person, but not anymore. The heat and humidity we have going on (STILL!) isn’t helping one bit. Bring on the fall weather.

My Belly is Growing! – Mister Moo has to be growing. My stomach is definitely expanding. I’ve had pain/stretching in my upper stomach below my rib cage. I think things are shifting around to make room for baby. My skin is itchy. Round ligament pains are back. It’s also becoming more difficult to bend over, shave my legs, put on pants, tie my shoes, etc….pregnancy is definitely humbling for an independent girl who normally doesn’t ask for help.

I have one active baby! – Mister Moo is a very active baby. I can now feel movement in multiple areas at the same time. He’s pretty quiet in the mornings, but after noon he wakes up and parties all day. He is his most active when I finally sit down at the end of the day up until bedtime. I think he keeps the party going into the late night hours. He is moving around every time I wake up to pee or roll over. Let’s hope this isn’t the case when he makes his entrance into the word. Not only am I feeling his movements, but they are also visible outside of my stomach. We can see kicks. You can also tell what side of my stomach he is hanging out in. He still favors my right side!

Hip & Pelvic Pain? – It has definitely got better since the Rock n Roll Half. It still bothers me on days that I sit for too long. If I’m sitting or laying for more than 2 hours, the pain comes back. If I stay on my feet moving all day, I don’t feel anything at all. Most days this works for me since I like to be on the go, but on days I’m craving down time or a nap, it can be rather frustrating. Apparently my body agrees that I’m my happiest when I’m active. I’m not meant to be a “put my feet up” pregnant lady, but it would be nice if I could do it comfortably once a week.

I’m Preparing for Baby – I feel so much better now that his room is painted. I feel like if our due date was today, the only thing we would really need is a car seat.  Of course there is a lot more that I want, but we have time to fill in those gaps.

Finally feeling good after 3 miles

I’m Still Running – I’m officially pregnant waddling. I ran a 5k yesterday after admitting to the fact that I need a training plan. I ran the first mile in about 12 minutes (no walking), but I had horrible cramps in my right lower calf and shin. This problem showed some signs of surfacing during other runs. I normally can run through it, but yesterday’s cramps stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t even walk comfortably. I stopped running and stretched out my legs. I drank some water. After about 10 minutes of stretching, they were gone. I finished the last 2.1 miles run/walking. I ran a song. I walked a song.  And true to my every day running, by the time mile 3 showed up, I felt great. Why can’t the first 3 miles be as easy? Minus the irritating leg cramps (that also woke me up last night in my sleep), my body felt great.

Any tips for dealing with leg cramps? Will compress socks help? (Nicole, chime in!) I think they are being caused by the awful circulation in my legs. Pre-pregnancy I have horrible circulation in my lower body due to my broken legs. During pregnancy the circulation has got even worse. Believe it or not, running actually helps keep the blood flowing.

Minus the few aches and pains, I feel so fortunate to have an easy pregnancy. This baby has been good to me and my body. I’m also very lucky to have a supportive husband, son, and family.

3 more months to go until I have another boy monster to add to the mix!

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6 thoughts on “Maute Moo Update – Week 27

  1. We are seriously pregnancy twins. I’ve been having so many of the same feelings (extreme hunger, calf cramps, stretching skin)! I like your “walk a song, run a song” running plan – might have to try that soon since I’m definitely slowing down even more now.

    1. Run a song. Walk a song. Is becoming my new pattern. Since I enjoy the process of being “out on run” it allows me to go a lot further than just running. Sometimes I’ll run two if I feel good, but normally it’s 1 for 1 🙂

  2. Chiming in re: leg cramps – definitely check with your doctor since pregnancy is not something i’ve very familiar with in athletics….but – try heating or a heat cream before you run (i.e. biofreeze, flex-all, tiger balm; not icehot it’s crap)? If they feel better the more you run this type of cream may help warm your legs up sooner. Just make sure to apply it within 15 min of when you’re going to run, not any earlier. If it’s later in your run that the cramping starts I would talk to your doctor before trying anything. I would worry about too much about giving any advice and it be something like blood clots or cause you to get bad spider veins. You run to much for me to ruin your sexy legs with bad advice =)
    Night leg cramps – try a bar of soap under your sheets (bottom sheet, down by your legs). Sounds weird, but when I was in massage school, they said it’s an old wives tale that works. Nothing fancy with the soap, just a cheap hotel one is supposed to work.

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