It’s Raining Love

Sunday was Chet’s Baby Shower. This little boy is loved by so many already! My sister hosted (at my mom’s house) a beautiful baby shower for me, and my mom put the icing on the cake. They though of everything from cucumber water to diaper pails to my favorite childhood item, pinwheels. Chet even got Flannels and homemade tie dyed onesies (for my hippy at heart baby!).

On the way to my shower, I realized I forgot my camera. My sister’s camera lost its charge. My mom lost her memory card 😦 Here are a few that I took on my phone or stole from Facebook!

Welcome - so cute!
My mom made those cute poofs
Before any guests arrived...already spoiled
The never-ending gift basket from my sister and her family
Boy oh Boy! Pinwheels!!!!
They thought of everything
Party Favors

I came home with a truck full of gifts from bottles to cozy sleepers to a high chair to a baby monitor to a bouncer to bath tub goodies to so many cute boy clothes…….and so so so much more. Chet’s room is busting at the seams!

so many goodies

Thank you to everyone who thought of our family on Sunday. And a big thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. And an even bigger thank you to my family for shower me and my baby with so much love.

Today is the official start of my third trimester. 12 weeks until my due date. Thanks to the shower we have very few things to shop for to prepare us this baby.


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4 thoughts on “It’s Raining Love

  1. Love all the pictures…it was such fun preparing for and already it’s come and gone…so happy you loved it all!! xoxo

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