Running is in the Air

This weekend I have two friends running the Marine Corps Marathon. I’m officially a dork and love to watch race results, so Rachael and Amanda…I’ll be spying on you and cheering for you from home! Rachael is 25 weeks pregnant (I think…maybe it is 24 or 26?) and is my official running hero this year. I’m hoping she will drag me along with her on some runs next year to get my mile pace comfortably below 10 minute miles. Amanda is running for St. Jude’s, and this is her first marathon. I’m living vicariously through her this weekend.  I can’t tell you how badly I want to finally cross a marathon finish line.

While they are busy running 26.2 miles this weekend, I’ll be running/jogging/walking/waddling the Wicked 10k. I have no expectations for the race except I do expect to do some fun people watching. I can’t wait to see what costumes people run in. People go all out in this race. I do expect it to be a lot of fun! I’m also begging the weather gods to keep the rain away for Saturday morning. Although I love running in the rain, a lot of people don’t enjoy it as much. Since it is a fun run, I’m afraid everyone will stay home this year if it rains.

Aside from all the fall races going on, the weather around here has been perfect for running. The air is crisp. The sun feels good on my skin. I also love running through all the leafs on the streets.

I have definitely had running on my brain a lot lately.  Maute Moo’s due date is now 2 months plus 1 day away, I can’t help but think about running post baby.  I’ve been doing my fair share of dreaming (realistically and not realistically) about running in 2012. I’m smart enough to know that my journey back to running and training is very personal to my body.  It is also very dependent on how things progress in the delivery room.  I have friends who are back to running 4 weeks post-baby and other friends who have to wait much longer but have come back just as strong. I have a great friend who ran a full marathon 4 months post-baby. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such inspiring people.

Since I want to have a strong foundation before I start marathon training (to avoid another injury), I’ve decided that a Fall marathon is best for me. I’m planning according to what I think will be my best case scenario because I think that is the only way to plan things. Plan for the best………

One race I keep going back and forth about is the Shamrock half-marathon. If Chet comes near his due date, the race will be 11 weeks after his birthday.  I’ve thought about sitting this one out this year, but I really love this race (and it’s the races 40th anniversary). I’ve thought about signing up for the 8k, but I really love the half-marathon course. Since this race typically sells out before the start of 2012, I can’t wait to see how my body bounces back from baby. I’ve decided to take the leap of faith and register for the Shamrock Half-Marathon.  I know this is a little (or maybe A LOT) ambitious, but I plan to run/walk the entire thing. My plan is to use this race to jump-start Marathon training. I don’t plan on caring about my time. I really just want to enjoy the day.

2012 Post-Baby Running Plans:

March 18th (about 11 weeks post baby):   Shamrock Half-Marathon

April 1st (about 13 weeks post baby): Cherry Blossom 10-miler – I’m entering the lottery for this race. Maute Moo is our souvenir from the 2011 Cherry Blossom Festival, so it will be a great way to celebrate family if I’m lucky enough to have my number drawn.

June 2012-ish: officially start marathon training

Fall 2012 – Full Marathon

I’ve been doing some research on races, but I’m not sure which Marathon I want to run next fall.  I want it to feel just right since I’ve been training for 2 years to run my first marathon thanks to a few minor delays: my stress fracture and pregnancy.

Fall Marathon Thoughts:

October 7, 2012: Chicago Marathon  – I was born in Chicago, and it is my favorite city. Cole will be 8 and Chet will be 9 months old. I’d love to turn it into a family weekend and visit the Shedd Aquarium. (registration opens Feb. 1st. If I decide to go for it, I have to sign up that day!)

October 2011: Atlanta Marathon – Like Chicago, I think this could be fun family weekend including a trip to the Georgia Aquarium (a place Cole has been begging to go since it opened!). I don’t know anything about the race, so if you have any info PLEASE SHARE!

November 2012: Richmond Marathon – This one is close to home, so financially speaking, it would be easy to plan. I loved running the half-marathon last year too.

November 2012: Rock n Roll Savannah – One of my favorite 11 mile runs took place in Savannah on a girls weekend before my wedding. It is such a great town to run through. I also planned on running this race this year before I got pregnant!

11 mile finish line at the Forsyth Park Fountain

Those are the 4 contenders right now although I’m still open to whatever falls into my lap.  The only one I need to decide on sooner rather than later is Chicago since it sells out.

Anyone else planning races for 2012 already? I can always be talked into running more if you ask 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Running is in the Air

  1. Oh oh oh!! I say go for Richmond or Chicago!! I have tons of friends who have run lots and lots of marathons, and sadly I’ve heard very few people doing the Atlanta Marathon. Not saying it’s bad though! A few others that are in the fall, that I’ve heard great things about are Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon (Chattanooga!!,) NYC (lottery,) and the Marshall University Marathon (WV-Christian could bike!)

    No matter what you can’t go wrong with any 26.2!

    (and listen to your body and make sure you cross-train!!)

    Enjoy running post baby!

    1. Cross Training is going to become my middle name in 2012. No more dumb injuries for me (I hope!!!!). Biking. Weight Training. and who knows, maybe some swimming. I was trying to avoid hills since it is so flat around her. I don’t want to have to drive west for long runs. WV might kick my butt.

      After reading some more, Atlanta doesn’t have the best feedback. I know most people only post negatives, but some of them had really good points.

      That would be soooooo awesome if Amy run the Shamrock Full! I’ll make sure I stay to cheer ya’ll on after the half. You know I’ll let you know what I decide to run (hint! hint!)

  2. Oh and as for me. I’ll be starting the year in Charleston and we’ll see from there. I’m trying to convince my sister to do the Shamrock full, so I’d love to run her through that! There aren’t any marathons that are calling my name right now. Potentially NYC. I think I’m gonna shoot for some more tri’s.

  3. Ok, so your pregnant and running marathon friends is awesome! That’s pretty badass of her to run at that many weeks pregnant.

    Love your post-baby race plans. A half at 11 weeks post? That’s pretty stellar. I hope to at least be walking or maybe slow jogging by then!

    A bunch of us are doing the RnR Seattle half in June if you’re interested, and I’m wanting to do a fall marathon, too. Maybe MCM? Not sure.

    1. Trust me – I’ll be completing the half with the same mentality I had with my half marathon at 24 weeks pregnant. Run. Walk. Run. Walk.

      Off to google the RnR Seattle half now…..I do have a free plane ticket on southwest i need to use 🙂

  4. Thank you so so so so much for your support!!!!!!!!!! I’m trying to decide on races for next year, too!!! We’re definitely going to try to get Cherry Blossom bibs! (Did you apply for the social runner thing?) And we’re doing RnR here in March. With the wedding in May, that’s all I have on my radar for the spring (and a 5K the day after the wedding). I really want to do a half next fall to PR. My half PR is no where near what I know I’m capable of…but Matt already is talking about doing Marine Corps next year :). And of course the Wine and Dine Half again. Too many races and not enough time!!!!!! I’ll be keeping an eye on your race schedule, though!

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