Wicked 10k Waddle

Let me start by saying that running a 10k at 31 weeks, 5 days pregnant was so much harder than running a half-marathon at 23 weeks, 6 days pregnant.ย  What start off as two painful first miles turned into 4.2 more enjoyable miles.

The weather forecast for today was not looking good when I went to bed last night. Temperatures were predicted to drop to 40 degrees. Rain was highly likely to occur. The wind was predicted to reach 20 – 30 mph with gusts up to 40 mph. I woke up this morning half way hoping it was pouring outside. Pouring Rain plus cold plus wind plus pregnant would be a good enough excuse for me to stay in bed. Much to my sleep deprived body’s disappointment, it wasn’t raining when I woke up. It wasn’t even cold out. It was in the 60s.

Christian was nice enough to tell me he would run with me if I wanted him to today. Remember? He is not a runner. Just the fact that he was willing to put on running shoes to support me was enough motivation to get out of bed. I knew I’d regret staying in bed and missing the race. (No. I didn’t make him run!)

I got to the start line with just enough time to say hello to the moms from Mom’s Run this Town and to use the bathroom.

I headed to the back of all the corrals so I would remember to walk the first half mile instead of running. When I don’t walk the first half mile my legs have been cramping on every run. Got to love pregnant circulation!

As soon as my corral got to the start line, race day excitement got the best of me. I started running from the start. Not only was I running, but I was running at a pace that is way too fast for me at this point in pregnancy. Oops! I really do know better. I even knew better while I was doing it. I was just hoping that today my legs would not cramp.Wishful thinking. A half mile from the start line, my right leg cramped up and would not relax. I ended up walking to the 2 mile marker before my leg muscles relaxed and warmed up enough for me to be wiling to run again.

I took a quick bathroom break and head off down the board walk. At this point the 20-30 mph winds that were in our face were now at our back. I fell nicely into my run/walk pattern of running 2 songs, walking 1 song. I kept this pattern for the rest of the 4.2 miles. Christian surprised me by showing up along the course to cheer for me. I love seeing his face out there will I’m running.

Someone please comment on the lady behind me!

Around mile 5 the course changed directions and the wind was back in my face. It also started to downpour when I had 1 mile left. I just had to laugh to myself. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would have been under the beer tent enjoying a free beer or two. I really do love running in the rain though.

I crossed the finish line feeling great in 1:32:22 according to my race chip. Since I’ve never run an official 10k before, I can claim this race as a PR! Let’s hope I beat it next year ๐Ÿ™‚

Mile 1: 14:42

Mile 2: 17:30

Mile 3: 15:11 (bathroom break)

Mile 4: 13:54

Mile 5: 13:22

Mile 6: 14:02

Final .31: 13:12 pace

Total: 6.31 miles in 1:32:48ย  (Garmin Stats)

Although I’m just so happy that I completed a 10k while 31 weeks pregnant, I’m even more excited that MY MOM finished the race today – her first race ever! I don’t want to give anything away because I want to write about it all by itself………BUT she beat me!

And did I mention that this race is such a great race to people watch. Christian had the camera ready to snag some photos!

My friend Megan finished her first 10k today too!!!


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9 thoughts on “Wicked 10k Waddle

  1. Small world- thats my friend (and old roomie) Stephanie running with your friend Megan. Looks like you rocked it out momma! One more race to finish ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. love all the costume pics. i ran a 5k in my pacman costume two years ago! it was tough since i decided to make mine huge and out of wood and cardboard haha. BUT awesome job to you and your mom ๐Ÿ™‚ we gota get a photo with our preggo halloween shirts too

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