Chet’s Nursery – Slowly Making Progress

Chet’s bedroom is slowly taking shape in our house. It’s painted. The closet is organized. I feel incredibly grateful that we haven’t had to purchase one big item for his bedroom.

  • Crib – given to us as gift from Christian’s parents
  • Bedding – given to us as gift from my parents
  • Closet Dresser – used to belong to my grandma. It has been used by my mom, my sister, my niece, and now Chet.
  • Bedroom Dresser – we have been searching Craigslist like crazy for an old wooden dresser. We haven’t had any luck. Christian’s dad mentioned that he has an actually diaper changing dresser in his closet. He uses it for socks, underwear, etc but we are more than welcome to have it. He can use something else. Although this one is white and I had hoped to bring in some wood elements, I’m more than happy to keep my bank account happy around the holidays. No point in buying something when we can have one.
  • Book Shelf – my sister had this book shelf in her oldest daughters room and then in the play room. She no longer had a need for it, so she asked if we wanted it. Of course. Why not?

Chet’s room has slowly become a collection of furniture from people who love him already.

I never expected to have some many things given to us throughout our pregnancy. I’ve been loaned maternity clothes and a moby wrap from a friend and coworker. Our neighbors gave us their baby swing. We were overly spoiled at Chet’s baby shower that was hosted by my sister and my mom. The girls at work spoiled Chet by throwing him a surprise baby shower.  My sister’s friend is giving me her breast pump (No! I don’t think it is weird to share something that can be sterilized, but I understand if you do.)  Christian and I have had to buy very few things. In fact, I think the only things we have bought so far are a few pieces of clothing and the car seat (which was paid for mostly by gift cards given to us).

I feel very fortunate to have so many wonderful, generous, caring people in our lives. I hope I can pay it forward as the rest of my friends continue to have babies….Have I mentioned that nearly EVERYONE I know is pregnant. And they are all having girls except for a few.

Since Christian and I have been so fortunate, I feel like I can spend a little extra adding some great touches to Chet’s bedroom. Since I won’t be adding a wooden dresser to the room, I want to find some great wooden accessories for the walls. We want to find a piece of art work that ties into the five elements theme of the nursery.

I ordered this print for him today from Etsy (Love that website!) Now I just need to find a chunky rough wooden frame for it.

Click the picture to go to Mae Chevrette’s shop – so many great finds!

I still want to incorporate this quote into his room – any suggestions from my crafty friends?

If you want to know how much I love you, count the waves.

I think with some rustic wooden frames, a few natural baskets (in addition to the amazing one my sister gave me), and bamboo blinds, Chet’s nursery will be just perfect.

I promise to post finished nursery pictures soon!

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5 thoughts on “Chet’s Nursery – Slowly Making Progress

  1. Sounds like it is coming together! I don’t think sharing the pump is weird. I borrowed the same one from a friend both times. I just got new tubes and parts and all was good! It is a great way to save money bc those things are expensive!!

  2. I love love the quote and I just ordered and received an alphabet stencil…we could stencil the quote on an old piece of wood…the letters are 1 inch high! The picture is beautiful… I’ll find the barnwood frames! I think it’s really special that Chet’s room is so full of pieces that were giving with love…the old dresser has to stay in the family…if you ever out grow it I’ll take it back!

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