Maute Moo Update – Week 35

35 weeks! 35 days until my due date! Time is still flying by. Sometimes I really do forget that I’m pregnant and that we will have a baby home with us in less than 2 months. And then Chet kicks me in the ribs or pushes on my cervix or jabs me in the hips…….yes folks! I am having a baby!

Although I’m still uncomfortable, ready to have my body back, and achy, my energy levels are definitely higher than they were last week. I don’t feel like I could tip over and fall asleep at any point this week….well at least not from exhaustion. I might tip over because the belly is huge, and I’m incredibly clumsy now. I also feel like my entire body is starting to fold in on itself. I keep catching myself slouching and with a beautifully attractive hump back. Baby and Boobs are not helping with my posture.

Moment when I feel the most pregnant – Hands down, without a doubt, the moments in the middle of the night when I try to roll over. It is not exactly graceful. I’ve been calling it my 5-point turn, because it really does require me to move in sections so that I can flip over.  Graceful, right?

Favorite pregnant moments – Hands down, without a doubt, the moments when Cole feels his brother move and talks softly to my belly.  Cole got kicked in the face by his brother this past weekend. It was so cute to see him interact with his brother even though he is still in my belly. A very close second place goes to the moments when Christian feels his son move and talks not-so-softly to my belly. Although Christian loves Cole just as much as he loves Chet, I love witnessing Christian experiencing pregnancy and parenthood from the start. He dove right into parenting when Cole was 3, but there truly is something magical about pregnancy and the first few years.

Chet’s Nursery – It is just about done according to my standards. It is more than ready for a baby to come home though. I received the print I ordered yesterday. LOVE IT! I’m still searching out a frame. I’ve also got a fun idea for the quote I want in his room. I have one of Cole’s pieces of art work I want to frame and a few baskets to buy, and I am done decorating.

Latest Doctor’s Appointment – In an attempt to be non-dramatic about it, it was a disaster. I will never ever ever see that doctor again. EVER! (Please do not let her be on call when I go into labor!) She didn’t read my chart. She didn’t call me by my name. She didn’t know how far a long I was. She didn’t know if we were aware of the gender. She told me it’s impossible to locate the head and the butt at this point (and that it doesn’t matter). She didn’t tell me Chet’s heart rate until I asked. She didn’t tell me anything about my belly measurements until I asked. She rolled her eyes when I mentioned natural birth. She told me she has done this 100s of times, and there are things she knows that I don’t. She said if I want to move during delivery, she will let me sit on the edge of the bed.  Good thing I’ve got my secret weapons….a very strong sense of how my birth should go (unless medical intervention is TRULY needed), an incredibly supportive husband, a birth plan that is supported by Sentara hospitals, and two amazing doulas. Maybe I do want her to be on call during my labor, so she can witness how amazing the birthing process can be.  Needless to say, I did not like her at all. I also came up with all the responses and questions I wish I would have asked as I was taking the elevator back to the lobby. Why does that always happen? (Not too dramatic, right?)

Running WalkingI’m moving and it feels good. I’ve thought about running, but it never happens. I’m quite content knowing that I will probably not run until post-Maute Moo. There is no point in being uncomfortable at this point.

This week has definitely been easier on me then last week. Working 3 days instead of 5 might have something to do with it. Having my Aunt come in town tomorrow is definitely helping. We have also managed to get a big chunk of our Christmas shopping done.

My attempt at a self-portrait! Christian is on his way to Max and Erma's to get me some chocolate chip cookies as I write this! I'm too sleepy to wait for him to get home to take one of me.

5 (ish) more weeks to go!!!!

Tonight we also had dinner with our friends Jimmy and Carrie. Carrie came with a bag full of baby goodies. She MADE the cutest bear blanket for Chet that is identical to the bear-bears Cole carried around with him for years. She had no idea how perfect her gift would be. It’s so perfect that Cole has temporarily claimed “Big Bear” as his own. All 3, Bear Bear, Other Bear Bear, and Big Bear are in bed with Cole tonight. I love it!!!!! And I still can’t believe she made Big Bear.

The 3 Bears

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