Maute Moo Update – Week 37

Tick. Tick. Tick…..Labor Envy has official set in. I’ve had two friends deliver there babies this week. One was 37 weeks pregnant. The other was 39 weeks pregnant.  I’m now the “oldest” pregnant girl in yoga class. Physically I’m ready to have Chet. Mentally I’m ready too. The to-do lists might not be ready, but oh well. Now I just have to wait for Chet to be ready.

Warning: This post is all over the place. My brain is all over the place these days too. I find myself thinking about one thing and end up with 50 other new thoughts to take its place. Good old monkey brain! Add this to the many reasons why I love yoga and mediation. It makes my brain be quiet! 

Saturday night I started to have some cramping. It wasn’t anything to make me nervous. It was just enough to make me go to bed early. I woke up Sunday feeling about the same. They felt like menstrual cramps that wrapped around my torso. They progressively got worse as the day continued. Again, it wasn’t anything that made me think I was going into labor. It was just enough to make me think of all the things I really do need to get done before Chet arrives. It was also a nice reminder that Chet is coming out sooner rather than later. The cramping continued through the night and settled into my hips and thigh. Monday morning was rough. I was exhausted.

I took Monday easy at work and dedicated my time to tying up all the loose ends I have going on in the office. I emailed all my points of contact. I finished up my filing. I’ve made task lists for all the things that can’t get forgotten while I’m out on maternity. Work is ready for me to have my baby.

At home Christian and I have a handful of things that I really need to get done before Chet arrives.

  • Washing Chet’s clothes (we started last night. His newborn stuff is done along with most of his 0-3 month outfits)
  • Install his Car Seat
  • Clean and Wash his swing
  • Get Moses basket from my mom (My sister is letting me borrow her basket until she has her next baby at the end of March!!! And my mom washed everything for me yesterday. Thank you both!)
  • Buy Nursing Bra (one for day and night until I know what size I will really need), Lansinoh ointment, Breast Pads
  • Buy Baby soaps and Lotions (I only have one bottle of lotion. Oops!)
  • Buy Baby Wipes (We don’t have any. Oops again!)
  • Preregister at the hospital and figure out where we are going once we get there

I’d also need to get the Christmas tree decorated. We start that project tonight!

AND…………I NEED TO PACK MY HOSPITAL BAG! While I lay awake in bed on Sunday night (the cramping woke me up every hour), all I could think about was that I didn’t have my bag packed yet. I’m working on my list. My friend Morgan (who is pregnant too!) recently posted on her Facebook page recommendations for a hospital bag. (Thanks Morgan!) I definitely took some notes from her page.  Somebody recommended that you pack two bags – one bag of the items you will need while in labor and another bag of all the items you might want for yourself, your partner and your baby post delivery. I think I’m going to do this. There is no reason why some of the stuff can’t stay in the car until after I have the baby.

Here is what I have on the list so far (that will find its way to a bag this week):

  • Laboring outfit (Help! I don’t plan on wearing a hospital gown while I’m there. I feel like the hospital gown gives the illusion of a sick patient. I’m not sick. Not to mention how uncomfortable they are. If I’m going to be wearing clothing, I want it to be practical and comfortable! As of now, I think I’m just going to pack a cotton skirt and a tank top (something that can be cut off in case of emergency or as soon as I have the baby to get him on my chest). I want my arms free so my IV port can be accessed if needed. Any other ideas???)
  • Post-Delivery clothing
  • Birthing Ball
  • Rice Sock
  • Birthing Plans
  • Chapstick
  • Headband and hair tie
  • Pillow
  • Slipper/flip-flops
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Pads
  • Nursing Bra
  • Bathroom stuff – toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, razor (I’m a freak about shaving everyday), shampoo, face wash, deodorant
  • Music (Oh geez……..I need to make my playlist for the delivery room too!)
  • Christian – change of clothes
  • Christian – bathroom stuff
  • Water bottle

Chet’s Bag:

  • Coming home outfit(s) – newborn and 0-3 month option
  • blanket(s)
  • Hat
  • Socks

What am I forgetting? Anything? and I love how making a list always makes me realize I need another list. I need to get to work on my playlist for labor. This is exactly why I don’t sleep when cramping wakes me up in the middle of the night. My monkey brain doesn’t know how to be quiet!

The cramping has pretty much gone away as of today.  I’m feeling much better. I got a great night of sleep last night. I didn’t even wake up to use the bathroom which is surprising considering how much I’m drinking lately. I start each morning by drinking a big glass of water (it’s like adding oil to a machine…so good for your body). I then have my morning smoothie or protein drink. I’ve started my red raspberry leaf tea regiment. I’m drinking two glasses a day now. All of that plus the at least 100 fl ozs of water I’m drinking throughout the day.  I might just float away.

For now that is everything my brain can think up. I’m just trying to tackle each piece of the to-do lists and waiting for Chet to decide he’s ready for the world. Mama is ready to meet him. Dad would prefer he wait for at least 2 more weeks since these are his two busiest weeks of work for the year.

Anyone what to make any guesses as to when they think he will show up?

Oh Yes! My Belly is THAT BIG! It can't hide in yoga clothes!

21 more days until Chet’s due date!

And in case you need to do a double take…here is a closer view of my belly! It really cracks me up how big it has become!!!

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6 thoughts on “Maute Moo Update – Week 37

  1. So fun!!!! I personally LOVED the hospital gowns! But then again I’d rather be naked 😉 The only thing we forgot was a brush! We had no clue how long her hair would be!!! I did pack a pair of newborn fingernail clippers/file, and we needed them! But that was because she was over due. You’ll probably go early and quick, so you might not need it. Hmmmm…..I say Dec 19th (depending on if you choose for cervical checks weekly….) If not I say Dec 23rd! How did Cole line up with his due date??? Oh I also think we didn’t bring a checkbook and we needed that for her birth certificate or something. That was Shawn’s job, so I don’t really remember. I just remember him needing to go home to get it!

    1. You would love hospital gowns! haha! Do you remember those disposable shorts you got from a physical therapist in high school. I remember you running around the sports locker room in them. I think I’ll end up naked for majority of the labor process in the hospital too! 🙂

      Cole was due May 1st! His birthday is April 27th although my original due date was April 26th. The 23rd is off limits for this kiddo……I need to be home for christmas eve and christmas!!!!

      Good call on the nail clippers and brush! and the check book!

  2. Your belly can not get any bigger and yet you still have a tiny little back…crazy!! I think the 22nd would be perfect! A little gift for Cole might be good in your bag! I’m getting excited!!

  3. Maute moo (which i still have to say because I saw the pic of your belly and thought “HOLY COW” then I laughed because holy cow goes with mr. moo….get it?) is waiting for aunt nicole to come home and dad to be done with work so we can be there for you. that way you won’t go crazy, and so you can focus on chet and we focus on you because all our other focuses are gone. does that make sense? it’s like your wedding all over again. =) besides, i have to touch a pregnant kicking belly one of these days, and it damn well better be yours. so mr. chet moo hang in there (literally!) a few more days/weeks.

  4. So, that’s amazing that you’re still going to yoga! Props to you for being the “oldest” pregnant lady there.

    I have to say I’m glad you’re a few weeks ahead of me so I can watch and wait and see what you do! I’ve been thinking a lot about all of my loose ends too. This is such a crazy time, knowing that they could basically arrive at any moment! I liked your suggestion of bringing a labor outfit vs. wearing the hospital gown. Although I’d at least rather wear that than what I saw on the birth videos last weekend at our birthing class – the women were straight up nude! Way too much for me 😛

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