In my yoga class last week, the instructor talked about transitioning from Thanksgiving to Christmas. The month of November is all about gratitude. We are thankful for so much in our lives. It’s important to take the time to remember them. Thanksgiving passes. We’ve all reflected, given thanks, and appreciated our lives. This gives birth to December. December is a month of magic. It’s a month to enjoy the magic of the holiday season. For me, it’s a month to enjoy the magic of pregnancy (because I certainly hope it is my last month being pregnant..this time! Wink! Wink!). It’s a month to witness life through the eyes of a child. The lights are beautiful in our neighborhood. The tree is lit up (although it’s still missing ornaments as I write this).

From gratitude to magical thinking….I can certainly appreciate and adopt this way of thinking into my life.

If the Christmas season wasn’t magical enough, we have been lucky enough to experience some beautiful days this December. Yesterday and today have been in the mid 70s. The days feel magical when you know you should be wearing a winter coat and you are able to walk barefoot in the sand.

After work yesterday, I made the most of what sunlight was left. I went back to the street where Christian and I used to live, the street we got married on, and I walked 2 miles on the beach. It felt magical.

I love the feeling of having my toes in the sand. I love how my foot stretches out and every muscle feels engaged with each step. Muscles and tendons stretch and support. My poor pregnant feet were so happy.

I love the smell of the ocean in the winter time. It doesn’t smell the same in the summer. Maybe it’s the lack of people. Maybe it is the cooler air and water temperatures, but the ocean smells amazing during the winter months.

I love when the wind shifts and a cool breeze comes in from off the ocean.

I love how very few people there are on the beach. I passed about a dozen surfers in wetsuits enjoying the surf. I passed a few dog owners and a few happy dogs. I was surrounded by sea gulls and sand pipers.

I left my iPod in the car. I enjoyed the sounds of the oceans and the quiet ramblings of my thoughts. After a few good inhales and exhales, all my to-do lists vanished from my thought process.

There is something magical about being on the beach in the middle of winter on a stolen 70 degree day. There is something magical about walking with my unborn baby in this tiny moment before he is brought into the world. I was able to quietly talk to him. I love telling him how much he is going to love the ocean. I love telling him about his dad who spends hours surfing. I love telling him about his brother who takes comfort in the waves.  I don’t have to tell him what the ocean means to me. He can already feel it.

One day closer to Chet’s arrival. One day closer to saying goodbye to the magic of pregnancy and embracing the magic of newborn baby, the magic of a growing family, and the magic of an ever-growing love.

From gratitude to magical thinking….I’m trying to embrace it all!

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