Ringing in the New Year…

….with a baby in my belly! I guess Chet prefers the year 2012. Or maybe he doesn’t want to share his birthday with Christmas. Either way, it looks like we are missing out on a 2011 tax write-off 🙂

Tonight I probably won’t see the ball drop. 10pm is pushing it for me these days. I won’t be enjoying glass after glass of champagne. I will be enjoying a glass of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. I even picked up a decaf coffee on the way home from my mom’s birthday dinner. PARTY!

2012 is sure to be a great year! I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year than by having a baby in first few days.

And just incase I don’t make it to midnight, here’s a few pictures from last year when I was able to stay up late. I could actually see my toes. My face wasn’t swollen (anyone else forget what my normal face looks like?). And I wasn’t hoping each contraction would start labor.

Happy New Year!!!

Published by Kristy

Storyteller. Copywriter. Connector. Documenting the inhales and exhales of daily live.

2 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year…

  1. had a great photographer last new years! just missed out on winning the lottery. super mario rolls next time i’m home! happy new year!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy New Year indeed…Chet will be here this week!!! 2012 will fill our homes with love…nothing could be better!! We will see that thin face again very soon…Chet in the mean time couldn’t have been better cared for…he has a smart, caring and nuturing Mom…who I love!!

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