Hip Replacement beats Pregnancy

For those of you on baby watch, Yes! I’m still pregnant! I’ve decided that Chet is so cozy because I did such a good job of taking care of him for the past 40+ weeks. (I like this thought process, so let me have it!).

For every ounce of anxiousness, impatience, and sense of urgency I had for the past 4 weeks, I have none now. In fact, I’m having a hard time contemplating a non-pregnant body. Roll over in the middle of the night with grace? What’s that? Put my pants on without using the wall to keep my balance? Who does that? You mean not everyone sighs when they have to leave a comfortable position?

Today the hubby and I walked almost 6 miles at the oceanfront. It was nearly 70 degrees today on the first day of January. The ocean was calling. It is so funny to observe everyone as they stare at me. A handful of people feel the need to comment to the person next to them. A few really nice people get huge smiles on their faces. Another handful of people have to ask when I’m due. You would think I am the first woman to have a large belly and carry my baby past my estimated due date. The best was the lady who say “Oh Wow” to her boyfriend/husband when she walked by us.

Even better than the comments and stares, were the people who passed us on their walks. First we got passed by a lady who had to be in her 70s. Hips swinging, she walked by is faster than anybody. And then we got passed by three older gentleman. They were all discussing hip replacement surgery.  I think we laughed for the next half mile. I may not be fast, but at least I’m doing something! Right?

Christian took a picture for proof!

When you get to be nearly 41 weeks pregnant, a new-found appreciation of patience appears. Somehow I’m completely okay with the fact that I’m still pregnant. This is a huge improvement from the past few weeks. I’m also so thankful that my sense of humor is still intact. My fat feet make me laugh. The hip replacement old men crack me up when they pass me. I even laugh when I can’t roll over at night.

My baby is healthy and apparently very happy. I’m just glad he loves his mama already. What in the world am I going to do with myself when I can untie my own shoes? I will find out before I know it.

Chet will be here in the next few days. Chapter 2 of 2012 can begin: Life with baby!

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2 thoughts on “Hip Replacement beats Pregnancy

  1. you’re completely right about you making chet’s current home too cozy to leave. great job!
    is that his head sticking out of your right side of belly? i laughed for ever with christian’s post about the hip replacement walkers!

  2. That is is Big Old Butt! Between me and Christian, you know it’s going to be big 🙂

    I seriously almost peed my pants when they walked by us and I heard them talking about hip replacement surgery!

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