Looking forward

Eight weeks from today is the Shamrock half marathon. GASP! EIGHT WEEKS! I haven’t run since Halloween, and I confidently signed up for the half marathon about a month ago.

Do I think about running? Of course. Every morning I wake up and thinking about running. I think that maybe today I will put on my shoes and venture out for a walk. Maybe I’ll jog a block or two. And then I start feeding Chet. I start changing diapers. I need a nap or two. And then it’s bedtime. I know it has only been two weeks since I’ve had Chet. I definitely know my body isn’t ready to start logging miles, but it would be nice to go for a walk or two (someone make the rain go away!).

Now that Chet is two weeks old and I’m eight weeks away from the start line, I’m not feeling so confident any more. I anticipate running again around week four. That will give me six weeks to train for a half marathon. Chet’s extended cooking time definitely put a hiccup in my running plans. I thought I’d have eight weeks to train. (confession: Every day that Chet was late, I quietly knew that I was pushing back my training and was dreading it.)

So what’s my plan? Who knows? I know I’ll show up and finish the race. I have a feeling I’ll be adopting Amanda’s training plan that she used to run the Marine Corps Marathon after an injury: Run a mile. Walk a half mile. Repeat. I also have a training plan for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler that starts next weekend. I could try to follow that and hope for the best.

My goal going forward is to tackle things in manageable sections. Run a mile. Walk a half mile. Repeat.  Sleep a two hours. Feed baby. Repeat. Survive a feeding without tears. Let nipples continue to heal. Repeat.

Every day gets a little easier. I think I’ll be more than ready to start incorporating some miles into my daily schedule in a few weeks. If I can run a half marathon six months pregnant, I can run a half marathon with a two month old cheering me on. Right?

Ummm....Did I really think I was big at this point! Ha Ha!

(Can I run with my breast pump? Any tips on running while breast-feeding are greatly appreciated!)

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3 thoughts on “Looking forward

  1. Absolutely no clue on the whole breasts full of milk thing, although that does sound like a painful challenge to try to overcome so I’m thinking that two sports bras idea from Kristen sounds brilliant.
    The run 1 mile, walk 1/2 mile plan really worked wonders! It was incredibly helpful at a point when my stamina had been significantly reduced, and I think it’d be a great plan for you. You just had a baby, without drugs, so I know that no matter what you will be able to complete the half marathon in 8 weeks!

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