Beauty of Motherhood

We all have an image of motherhood. Television portrays beautiful new moms with perfect hair and clothes that fit. This maybe reality for some, but it is not my reality.

My reality at almost three weeks post-delivery is this:

• I finally took a shower this morning. Last shower was on Sunday! Thank goodness for toothpaste, deodorant, and face wash.

• I sit on my couch topless more often than anyone should. Poor boobs need to hurry up and heal.

• Tonight I sat on my couch with potatoes on my boobs and a baby lounging in my lap……and by lounging I mean pooping. A few seconds later my lap was covered in poo. ( and yes! You read that correctly. Potatoes on my boobs. I’m trying to avoid what feels like clogged milk ducts. I can’t handle anymore boob issues).

• An hour after all the poop was cleaned up, I was again topless on my couch burping my full baby. My boob, which likes to be explosive, decided to shoot milk across the room.

All of this in the course of a day….and my husband is still crazy enough find me attractive.

Even though I don’t feel beautiful in these moments, I have one amazing little boy who looks at me with more love than I can imagine.

So worth it!

(and don’t worry, I cover up when Cole is awake and home from school!)

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3 thoughts on “Beauty of Motherhood

  1. I think we as mothers all struggle with what we feel is the “right” way to be, to look, to act, to parent… I have always struggled with this, and I don’t think TV and movies has helped the situation. I am just now starting to learn that I do the very best I can at any given moment… that I need to be gentle with myself daily and forgiving when I need to be. What helps is knowing and having other mothers who are honest like this, to know that we are not alone.

  2. Enjoy your time to be topless! It does help! I never thought I’d be pumping in the living room with my mom and husband in the same room. EEK! But at the time, it seemed normal and it was fine! You just go with it when you have a newborn. Honestly, you’ll be onto the “baby” stage soon and the all the newborn issues will be a thing of the past. It goes by too fast! I have to say being one to contract mastitis about 9 times (over two babies) I have never heard about the potato thing though I hope it works. Infections. are. the. worst. Thats why I had to stop. Hope you fare better!! :o)

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