Shamrock Weekend – Part 1

Today officially kicked off my official come back to running since having Chet 10 weeks ago. Although I had originally signed up for the half marathon, I changed plans shortly after Chet was born. After some debate, I signed up for the 8k race instead of opting out of running all together this weekend.

I am SO glad I signed up for the 8k.

Last night I went to bed with butterflies in my stomach. In spite of the nerves and a few wake up calls with a rumbling tummy, I slept great. Chet woke up at 1:30am to eat. I woke him up at 6:00am to eat before I got ready. After pumping, I finally got out the door much later than I had hoped (still have to figure out how to juggle all of that).

When I got down to the race start, I soon learned that there was no bag check. Ugh! I had packed all my things plus a few so Christian wouldn’t have to remember them when he headed down with both boys on his own. Fortunately I ran into my friend Courtney and other moms from Moms Run this Town. Courtney is a beast and is completing the dolphin challenge – she walked the 8k today and is going for a PR tomorrow in the half marathon. She offered to carry my bag while she was walking. I can’t thank her enough. I would not have had the race I had today if it wasn’t for her carrying my bag.

The start line is somewhere up there

With the feeding, pumping and bag issues behind me, I headed to the start line. Within minutes I was off and running. I hadn’t really created a plan for this race. I just wanted to feel it out. I knew there was a water stop at mile 1.5 and 3. At the first water stop, I would decide if I needed a walk break. Like most races, the first mile flew by because I was busy dodging people. I was feeling good at the first water stop. My new plan was to get to the boardwalk before I allowed myself to consider walking. I felt good at the boardwalk. New plan. Get to the next water stop. At the next water stop, I was tired but I knew I had more. I could make it off the boardwalk before I needed a walk break. Before I knew it, I passed the 4 mile marker. My legs were tired. I was tired. I walked very briefly to drink some Nuun that I was carrying with me. I started running again. I ran under the finish line feeling amazing and tired and incredibly proud of myself.

Somehow I ran all but a small fraction of the entire 8k race today.

Beautiful day for a run

It felt so good to cross the finish line. It felt so good to run a race. It felt so good to put my run/walk runs behind me.  I definitely feel like I’m finding my running legs again.

Garmin Stats:

Mile 1: 11:15

Mile 2: 10:59

Mile 3: 11:10

Mile 4: 11:45

Mile 5: 12:38

Garmin Total: 5.02 – 57:57 @ a pace of 11:33

Race Stats:

8k  (4.97 miles) – 57:51 @ a pace of 11:38


Not to shabby for me. Not to shabby for 10 weeks post baby. I really am excited to watch myself further progress over the next few months.

(On Friday I ran 2 miles. Hello 10s. My pace was 10:40 for those two miles!)

Stay tuned for Part 2…Cole ran the Final Mile again this year.

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3 thoughts on “Shamrock Weekend – Part 1

  1. you are amazing!!! I love you! and what about part 3, Christian handleing both boys and getting out the door and to the beach on time!!!

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