Shamrock Weekend – Part 2

I’ve talked a little bit about Shamrock Weekend in 2011 on my blog, but since the blog didn’t exist a year ago it was only referenced. I was on a mandatory 12 week running break thanks to a stress fracture in my femur. The weekend was pretty emotional for me since I felt like I fell just short of finishing my first marathon. Although I wasn’t running, Cole had signed up for his first Final Mile run. If I couldn’t cross the finish line, I sure was glad someone in our family would earn a medal that weekend.

2011 Shamrock Race - Cole, 6 years old

Cole lined up with his school. He was a little nervous so he asked Christian to run with him. 3….2….1….they were off and running. I saw them run by me just after the start line. As soon as they passed, I rushed over to the finish line with my parents to cheer Cole across the finish line. Kids started to arrive. More kids showed up. Cole and Christian were nowhere to be found. Ten minutes passed. No big deal. Fifteen minutes passed and I started to get worried. Twenty minutes passed and I was ready to cry. I knew the race had turned into a disaster.

Right before disaster hit

Although I didn’t witness it first hand, the race did turn into a disaster. Cole shut down like he often does when he gets nervous. He didn’t like the people cheering. He got insecure. He walked most of the mile with his head hang low and tears in his eyes. Christian made him finish because we don’t quit things that we start no matter how hard it gets. When I saw Cole cross the finish line, my heart sank. He was in tears. He didn’t want his medal. He kept telling me he didn’t earn it.

Fast forward to 2012…

Shamrock Final Mile commercials started to air on TV. Cole came home from school with information. I told Cole I would sign him up again if he wanted to run. He told me he never wanted to run it again.

And then a few weeks went by…

Another final mile commercial came on TV. Cole whispered that he wanted to run again. He did? If he was serious, I’d love for him to run again. He was serious. He brought it up several more times, so I signed him up.

Shamrock Final Mile 2012 - Cole, 7 years old

I had no idea what to expect going into his race yesterday. I was a little nervous for him. I offered to run with him. When we found all his class mates, he said he wanted to run it by himself. I kept asking him if he was sure. (I really need to learn to trust his first answer.) 3…2…1…he was off again. Christian and I watch him cross the start line and then we quickly rushed to the finish. The first kid showed up (in less than 6 minutes!).  A few more kids showed up. AND THEN………Cole showed up. 9:08 mile.

I cried. I smiled. My heart has never been more proud of him. He surprised me. He impressed me. I was so excited for him to get his medal.

He has grown up so much this year. The difference between 2011 and 2012 is proof.

When I asked him how he felt when he saw the finish line he said this to me: I saw the finish and I knew I just had to get there. I was trying to catch my friend. And then I heard the announcer say my name.

He liked the cheering this year too.


Cole is a mess! The hair! The smile! Life with an almost 8 year old.

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4 thoughts on “Shamrock Weekend – Part 2

  1. Yay for Cole. I am sure that I’ll experiencing something similar with my shy, timid, guy. I am happy he found running to be a positive experience this time. Looks like a great running weekend for the whole family!!

  2. Aww, Cole is adorable! Congrats to him on his AWESOME mile; he’s gonna be a speedster! And great job to you on the 8k. Glad to see you getting back out there – I know it’s tough!

    1. His hair drives me NUTS! but he loves it. Choose your battles (I guess!). I’ve definitely got the running bug again. I need another race in my life!

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