Celebrating Three months!

Chet turned three months old on April 5th. Over the past month, we have said goodbye to the newborn phase of Chet’s life. He has grown into a fun, quirky, smiling little baby. Although Chet occasionally hangs on to newborn moments, gone are the consistent nights of nonstop crying. Gone is his need to sleep on top of his mom. Gone are the breastfeeding issues. In place of these challenges, we now have a lot of play time. The day is filled with a lot of baby chatter. He is giggling all the time. His armpits are oh so ticklish. He thinks the sound of a zipper is hysterical. He even thinks his mama is funny. Chet has also become very efficient with his hands. Give him a toy and it will end up in his mouth.

Yesterday Chet rolled from his back to his belly for the first time. He’s been trying hard to roll over for the past week. It finally worked yesterday (although I think it might have been luck!). I do think it’s time to move him out of his Mose’s basket though. He keeps trying to roll while in the basket. This transition scares me. Any advice or tips are greatly appreciated. Chet loves to rub his face on the side of the basket until he falls asleep. His bed won’t be nearly as cozy.

Check out his big blue eyes. I don’t think they are going away although I wish I knew how to use my camera better so I could capture their real color!

Want to see how much Chet has changed?

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