One year of Blogging. and a Morning Mediation.

One year ago, my blog was born. In that one year time span, I discovered that I was pregnant. I had a baby. I recovered from a femoral stress fracture. I ran a half marathon 6 months pregnant. I ran a few other shorter races. I’ve practiced yoga and meditation for 30 days straight. I feel in love with prenatal yoga. I feel in love with child-birth. I’ve watch my older son mature into a pretty amazing boy. I continue to find new layers of love for my husband. A lot has happened to me and my life since starting this blog.

A year since its conception, I’ve found myself wondering if I’ve stayed true to my original intentions for starting a blog. Did I share too much about pregnancy? Do I talk too much about running? Should I continue to share about the life of my boys? Should I focus more on running? Did I share enough about yoga and mediation?

The simple answer to that first question is yes. My blog is about documenting how I find my breath in life. It is about how I strive to find balance in the day-to-day world while attempting to stay sane and present in all my endeavors. Pregnancy is something I fell in love with last year. Running keeps me sane. Yoga keeps me grounded. My life is me, my relationship with my husband, and my relationship to my two little guys. My entire life is about striving for balance, and each and everything I do is an important piece of the puzzle.

I’m Kristy! This blog is about my journey to find my breath in life. I’m learning to appreciate the inhales and the exhales of every day life. Through yoga and running, I’m finding balance in my world. My blog focuses on the things that help me breathe – motherhood, pregnancy, married life, running, yoga, nature appreciation, and healthy living.

Those worlds still ring true today (except I’m not pregnant anymore!)

Chet blessed me with 7 straight hours of sleep last night (a first for him and a huge improvement from our every 4 hour wake ups).  Feeling refreshed, I decided to start my day on my yoga mat.  While the house was quiet, I unrolled my mat. I put the Wednesday disc of the Blissology series into my DVD player. With the help of Mr. Finn, I focused on stretching my side body.

I followed up my yoga practice with a mediation. Today’s meditation focuses on manifestations. It was the perfect fit  for me today since I was already reflecting on how I’ve grown this past year and where I want to be. Anyone who has had a baby or knows someone who has had a baby, can recognize the emotional toll it can take on mental wellbeing. The first weeks of Chet’s life, the only purpose I wanted was to be Chet’s provider. Now that he is growing out of his newborn phase, it’s rejuvenating to reclaim the pieces of me that I love so much. It’s nice to think beyond his next feeding, his next nap, and his next diaper change. I feel like me again with a wonderful new privilege of being Chet’s mom.

“We are about to become all we are thinking,” is the wisdom here. Our thoughts shape our actions and the world we live in, so this meditation is about becoming clear about what we want to see manifest in our lives. At the very least, taking this time to become clear allows us to act according to what we really want to see in the world and not sway from our course. Maybe you will find as many others have, that by becoming calm and present, the universe actually open the doors to achieving what is really is our heart.

We start by getting very quiet and before we ask for anything, we just listen to the wisdom of our heart. Then we manifest things for ourselves and then take time to manifest something for someone else. It is a powerful meditation which will never to cease to amaze you.

As I sat on my yoga mat thinking about what I want for myself, all the same words from my life mission came flooding back to me. I want to be rooted. I want to feel a sense of community with the world around me. I want to love and be loved by my family. I wanted to pass all of these values on to my children. What do I want for someone else, for the rest of the world? Authenticity. I want to live in a world full of people who are true to their own life mission, who have put thought into what they want out of life, and who have found a balance between what they want and what they give to the world. I want to live in a world where differences are celebrated not destroyed. I will always be a hippy at heart.

An afternoon bike ride/walk with my boys in the neighborhood we love

I know that the past year of blogging has helped me feel rooted. It has helped me remain true to who I am at each stage of my life. It has kept me balanced. I also hope that it has helped inspire someone, anyone, to find their own breath in their world. Inhaling. And Exhaling. Breathing in the Sunshine that surrounds us.

Cheers to another year of blogging!

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Storyteller. Copywriter. Connector. Documenting the inhales and exhales of daily live.

4 thoughts on “One year of Blogging. and a Morning Mediation.

  1. hi, i am a total blog lurker, but your mention of a femoral stress fracture totally made me need to comment. i am 3 weeks post injury (happened during a race–not my finest moment!), still on crutches, and still quite grumpy–especially seeing all the runners enjoying the spring weather! any words of advice? how long were you out from running and when did you start back up? i’ve searched and searched the internet for information from other female runners and there is so little out there!

    1. Lurk away 🙂 Isn’t that what blogs are for anyways!!! I followed a relatively conservation recovery program. Your email pops up with your comment on my screen. I can email you exactly what I did if you’d like. The recovery plan was created for me by my friend who is an athletic trainer for woman’s track. I got my stress fracture on an 18 mile training run 3 weeks before my first marathon. I TOTALLY understand your grumpiness!

  2. Kristy, I cannot believe a year has gone by since you started blogging! I always mean to comment on things you write and I’m sorry I haven’t before now. I love reading your blog and following you guys. Thanks for being you and not being afraid to share yourself even when things aren’t perfect or going exactly the way you planned. I hope in a year my blog grows as much as yours has. Keep up the great work in all you do mama! 🙂 ~Rainey

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