Revamping my Running

A few weeks ago, I was in a running slump. I wasn’t achieving things at the pace I wanted to be achieving them. I felt like I was I wasn’t “good” at anything I was doing. It was a rough few days in our house for me.

On a Friday morning before work, I stared into my closet crying (yes! big girl tears!). None of my clothes fit. I still have at least 10 lbs to lose and 2 pant sizes before I can even consider putting on pre-baby clothes. I had an adult size temper tantrum, slumped to work, and pouted for the rest of the day.  Clearly this was one on of my more difficult days.

That same day, my husband decided to go for a run. My husband, who has run a handful of times his entire life, set out to knock some dust of his running shoes in order to prepare for the Color me Rad 5k next month that I convinced him to run with me.  Guess who ran faster than any of my post-baby runs? Keep in mind, he is a huge cyclist. He also has leg muscles I’d pay money for.  Even though I know how strong he is, it was still a blow to my ego. My clothes don’t fit and my non-running husband just made me doubt my running ability (unintentionally).

After pouting for 24 hours, I knew something had to give. If I wasn’t happy with the progress I have made so far, I need to do something to change it. I need to suck it up and buy new clothes so I can feel good when I get dressed because it is okay that I still need to lose 10 pounds. My body grew a pretty amazing baby. I need to celebrate what it has accomplished. If I want to run faster, I need to run more than once a week. I can’t be mad at my results when I’m not putting forth the effort.

This new attitude gave birth to my brilliant idea of running during my lunch. Thanks to the a little friendly competition with my husband, I beat the time of his first run.

And then my husband decided to run again – twice in one week! He killed my time averaging  9:55 per mile for his run. This time I was so excited for him. I’d love for him to enjoy running as much as I do. I also knew there was no way I would beat his time in the next few months. I was happily running in the 10s and planned to stay there.

New clothes and a refreshed attitude about my running! and a new plan to tackle weekday runs! I’m back on track to keep plugging away at life.

How is running on my lunch break working for me? So far, so good! On Monday, I ran in the late afternoon on my way to last recreation center for the day.  Today I ran while working at the oceanfront. Has running on trails for my long runs made my short runs faster? I don’t know if one has to do with the other, but I can’t argue with the numbers. They are getting smaller with each run.


Monday’s Run:

2.04 miles in 20:10.  Yes folks. That is a 9:54 pace. Good bye 10s. Hello 9s??? Guess who beat their husband’s pace again? (he ran 2.03 miles in 20:08; 9:55 pace)

Mile 1: 9:59

Mile 2: 9:49

Final .04: 9:02


Today’s Run (on incredibly tired legs and with a messed up Garmin AGAIN! Why can’t it find a signal anymore! errr!):

Mile 1: 12:25 (includes an additional .18 that my garmin didn’t include in distance but did keep the clock running!)

Mile 2: 10:42

Mile 3: 10:26

Last .32: 3:17

Total (on my watch): 3.32 miles in 36:52 at a pace of 11:06

Actual Total: 3.5 miles in 36:52 at a pace of 10:32


It feels so good to know that I can hang onto my 10ish mile pace as I push the distance past 2 miles.

I have a good feeling that I will beat my 10k PR ( Wicked 10k  – 1:32:48 – when I was 31 weeks pregnant) next month when I run the Elizabeth River Run.

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3 thoughts on “Revamping my Running

  1. I believe that is a-okay to have a pity party now and then, but what I admire about you and what I strive for is to know when to stop pouting and make a change. Love that you are using your lunch breaks as a time to hit the pavement. What a wonderful way to spend a break! Awesome pace too 🙂 And kudos to your man too! Sounds like you guys are inspiring one another!

    1. I had no idea I was so competitive! I’m hoping we will get a chance to run with each other a few times. I think he can make me faster and I can help him add on some miles!

  2. Good for you! Def get some new clothes to hold you over. I agree that is sooo stressful when nothing fits! Plus, if you plan to have more kids anyway these clothes can be your “transition” clothes next time you are pregnant early on and post partum. I see a lot of improvement with my distance but not so much my pace but I haven’t really pushed myself a whole lot. You are doing great!

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