89 Degrees in April?

It’s getting hot. I am not ready for summer. If you’ve been reading my blog since last year, you know that I do not like the heat. I know. I know. I live at the beach. How can I not be in love with summer? Well…I just don’t love it. I love the beach and the ocean, but I do not like the heat and humidity. My biggest dislike of the heat…running. Give me snow, rain, sleet, thunderstorms, freezing temperatures and I won’t skip my run. 90 degrees and humidity make me want to sit in a pool and never move.

Last year I woke up before sun and tackled my runs before sunrise. With a baby that still isn’t sleeping through the night and also has a very unpredictable sleep pattern, I still value sleeping in until 6am. This year I tackle my week day runs during lunch.

Heat + Lunch Break Runs = Not Love at First Sight

It first hit me yesterday as I took a late lunch to run. It was 3pm and my thermostat on my car read 89 degrees. I am going to be running in the middle of the day all summer long. I have to find a some type of love for running in the heat.I tried to pick a shaded location to run, but it was still hot (and there wasn’t much shade). I know my body will acclimate to the temperature change. I also hope that I can become tolerant of running in the heat. If not at least I’m only tackling 2-3 miles during midday summer heat.

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The good news from yesterdays run: It looks like I’ve comfortable found my 10ish minute mile pace even in the heat and up and over the Rudee Inlet Bridge (twice). Comfortable 9s can’t be too far away if I keep this up.

Mile 1: 10:23

Mile 2: 10:22

Final .11: 9:05 pace

Any suggestions for loving the summer heat? Woman’s running magazine posted an article today about tips for surviving.

Lucky for me tomorrows forecast only calls for a high of 63.

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3 thoughts on “89 Degrees in April?

  1. I feel your pain! My run was awful today because of the heat. That and I forgot to eat breakfast. Oops! But the heat made my breathing just terrible. Here’s to cooler temps! 🙂

  2. Bravo to you for braving the heat. It’s tough! Last year Michigan had a record breaking summer and it took everything I had to get thru some humid track workouts. My suggestions are making sure that you stay plenty hydrated. I firmly believe that this can make or break your run. Slow down in the heat if needed. On really hot days I will scale it back a bit. Also, maybe try after the sun goes down running. If mornings are tough, sleep in and maybe after the boys are tucked in bed you can sneak off for a cooler run. Best of luck!

  3. I am sure Chet will be sleeping better before summer. Maybe you can squeeze in one morning run. I cannot imagine going in the middle of the day in the middle of summer. That is amazing if you do it! You’ll figure it out. Having just been there a few months ago I can say EVERYTHING gets easier, sleeping, scheduling, leave the house, etc. as they get older. Could you skip lunch break (eat at your desk) and go in an hour later?

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