Morning Wake-up Call

The  alarm clock wasn’t beeping yet. My baby was still sleeping. The sun was just beginning to make its appearance for the day. I was wide awake as I laid in my bed. Instead of wasting precious minutes trying to fall back to sleep, I got out of bed. I tiptoed past the Mose’s basket. I tiptoed past Cole’s bedroom. My running clothes were already waiting for me in the bathroom. I changed my clothes as quickly as possible before my house could begin to stir. Alex and I got out  the door before we disturbed any of the sleeping boys.

My legs were slow to warm up this morning. My belly started to rumble. In my haste to get out the door, I forgot to eat something. With slow legs and a hungry belly, I made my way around a 2.5 mile loop in my neighborhood just in time to see the sun peak over the tree line.


Good Morning Sun

On our loop this morning we passed by an older gentleman we always see on our morning runs. He is out every morning I am on the road. He is always wearing his same reflective jacket. He is always power walking through the neighborhood with the help of his trekking poles. As he always does, he greeted me with a smile from blocks away. He called out his normal morning greeting.

Good Morning. Have a Great Day. And an Even Better Tomorrow.

Good morning to you too (or afternoon or evening). I also hope that everyone is having (or had) a great day and that your tomorrow is even better.  My day certainly started with a smile on my face.

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