What’s the Verdict?

While the verdict is still out on my self-diagnosis of my leg woes, I can say that I didn’t feel any pain today. I did feel a lot of tightness but no pain. To further test my leg today, I added a new element to my running routine. It goes by the name of BOB!

my favorite spot looks even better with a baby in a bob

I finally, finally, FINALLY ran with my jogging stroller. I think it whispered a thank you to me as I pushed it around my neighborhood. Thank you for using me for something other than carting your baby to the baseball field. Thank you for putting some sweat on the handle bar. Thank you for putting (a little) speed under my wheels. Or maybe the thank you I thought I heard was really just an echo from the cries that were coming from the stroller every time I faced the sun.

passed out

The verdict on running with the jogging stroller? I LOVE IT!

Mile 1: 11:30

Mile 2: 11:13

Final .1: 10:01 pace

2.1 miles in 23:41 (pace of 11:17)

1 minute 10 seconds slower than my run yesterday BUT I had 7 pacifier stops along the way that lasted almost 2 minutes total. Not too shabby! (Got to Love the charts on endomondo!)

It was hard. I have never sweat so much on a 2 mile run. I have no doubt that it will make me faster when I run without the stroller. Once Chet settled into our route and we found a shady stretch, he really seemed to enjoy it. It was also easier to manage than I expected. I think running with Alex over the past year trained my body and my hands for running with a stroller. Running with one arm moving didn’t feel unnatural since I’ve been holding a leash in one hand for a while now.

I really really enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to find more opportunities to run with Chet. Why did I wait so long?

The added bonus to my run – I was so focused on running with the stroller and keeping Chet happy that I forgot to think about my leg. Another run completed with no leg pain!

Maybe, just maybe, I will survive my run this weekend.


(I just noticed that my average moving pace was 10:34 according to endomondo. I’ll take it!)

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