Elizabeth River Run 10k

Let’s just call this race report:

How the cookie crumbled!

and boy did it crumble on my run. Even the best cookies crumble sometimes. The best bakers make a bad batch. The cookies needed an extra pinch of sugar. The extra egg was forgotten. Even if your intentions are the best and your heart wants to make the best possible cookie, if you don’t have all the ingredients it just won’t happen.

Today I did not have all the ingredients to make the best possible cookie:

  • Since May 1st, I have run 10 miles. Today I attempted to run 6.2.
  • Since having Chet, my longest run was 6 miles on April 14th.
  • I am nursing a not always happy leg.
  • It was HOT! (my phone said 94% humidity when I left my house)
  • I was never able to find a comfortable stride. I was trying to run slower so I could run further. It wasn’t comfortable for me.
  • I ran in my trusty favorite shorts, and I still chafed.
  • I ran in my favorite socks and shoes, and my feet still blistered.
  • I started my period right after the race (TMI, Sorry!)
  • I started to feel dehydrated a half mile into the run.

I decided to break the run into 2 5ks mentally. I set a few goals for myself, and I was off and running.

Goal 1 – Finish (done!)

Goal 2 – Listen to my body (done!)

Goal 3 – Run the whole thing (not so much!)

Goal 4 – Maintain a pace in the 10s (not so much!)

After running the first 5k, I knew I shouldn’t push it. I’m trying to run smarter this year. Around the 3 mile marker, I felt my left leg getting irritated. I felt it buckle a few times. Buckling between your hip and knee never feels normal.

Let the cookie crumbling begin. I ran/walked the rest of the race. It really wasn’t my day. I will spare you all the ugly details, but lets just say it wasn’t pretty. After all the ugly, I finally found the finish line and my friends that were waiting for me. I crossed the finish line smiling and laughing. “That was awful” was all I could think. By far my worst race ever both mentally and physically. It really was comical. I just didn’t have it in me. (and of course my legs finally started to feel awake at mile 5.75).

Mile 1 – 10:29

Mile 2 – 10:48

Mile 3 – 11:17

Mile 4 – 13:12

Mile 5 – 12:47

Mile 6 – 13:57

Final Stretch – 10:10 pace

Elizabeth River Run 10k: 1:16:51 (12:22 min/miles) … in all honesty, that is better than I thought I did while I was running. I really expected to see a 13 pace.

(Yes! that is a PR – I’ve only run one other 10k last year when I was 31 weeks pregnant)

But that is really okay. I woke up with no pain in my leg today. I’m beginning to set a foundation for summer running and fall races. And I finally knew people after the race so I hung out with my friends and had a beer. Hooray for friends who run.

Bring on the dreaded summer running. Bring on the cookies. I’m okay watching the cookie crumble right now because I know I will find the perfect ingredients at some point. I’m already looking forward to fall races (and proper training)!

Course review: Beautiful course. Wonderfully organized. Perfect size race. Not enough water stops.

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8 thoughts on “Elizabeth River Run 10k

  1. I had a “cookie crumble” race last month. I had a friend comment: “If every race was great, they’d all be average.” I’ll be in south Florida this week. I’m actually looking forward to running in the humidity, although I plan to get up super early to run.

    1. ahhh…smart friend! So true! I’m carrying those words with me on my next bad race. Yesterdays race will make the next good one feel amazing!

      Any time you want more humidity, I’ll glad trade locations with you šŸ™‚

  2. Been there! I had a 5K last year in the middle of the day in Virginia Beach that I totally tanked! A 5K!! (note to self never run a race in the middle of the day in VB) You finished and your not in pain today = SUCCESS. Plus you just had a baby recently! šŸ™‚ I say good job momma!

    1. there were many points when I thought to myself “are you kidding me? this is a 10k?” – glad to know I’m not alone!

      and thank you! I am really glad I didn’t push it bc pain would have crushed me this morning.

  3. I had a similar experience at the Race for the Cure down in NC. It was horrible and it took a while from me to come back out or my rut to realize it was just a bad day. Plus, it was an emotional day for me, for obvious reasons. You are right, it is ok if the cookies crumbles sometimes. Hugs.

    1. The fact that you were even able to finish that race is impressive. So many emotions attached to it. Running and crying is not easy.

      Glad you got out of your rut and had a great speed workout the other day šŸ™‚

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