Overwhelmed by all things baby

We have so many changes going on right now, I am having a hard time keeping up. I’m having a hard time digesting it all and figuring it all out. Am I over thinking it? Am I too worried? Is one effecting the other? Am I paying enough attention to what Chet is trying to tell me? Letting this little man guide me through his life is definitely teaching me to trust, to listen, to slow down and to relax (or at least to try to do all these things).

Chomp. Chomp. Chomp.

Change/Worry #1 – Milk Supply

When I went back to work I had over 150 ounces of milk in our freezer. I now have less than 10 bags. If we keep up at this rate, we might have to start considering formula (and this makes me want to cry. Okay – It has made me cry!). I’ve googled and looked up my favorite websites – Dr. Sears and Kelly Mom. I’m trying to be better about pumping every 3 hours while I’m at work.

Change/Worry #2 – Nursing

Chet continues to reject nursing. There are many things that could be causing it. Teething. My period. Nursing Strike. I will continue to offer it to him and hope that he will come back to it. Right now he will only nurse in the middle of the night (for the past 3 days).

Change/Worry #3 – Milk Supply & Nursing

They go hand in hand. How am I going to get my milk supply to increase if my baby won’t nurse. Is my milk supply low and my baby not nursing because of the hormone changes brought on by my period? Are those little teeth I can spy just beneath his gum effecting him too?

Change/Worry #4 – Introducing Solids

It’s time. I don’t want it to be time, but Chet is exhibiting every telltale sign that he is ready. He tracks our food when he eats. He mimics our mouth gestures. He eats everything (nonfood items) put in front of him. My milk supply isn’t keeping up with his demands.

Just like everything else in the nearly 5 months of Chet’s life, nothing is going according to plan. I had every intention of nursing my baby well passed his first birthday until he naturally weaned himself and after it wasn’t needed for nutrition (someone please tell me this is still possible!). I had planned on introducing solids at some point after his 6 month birthday. I wanted to go straight to whole foods following the baby lead weaning method. Now that he is telling me he is ready now, I’m no longer comfortable with this method. Pureed baby food it is. I still think we are going to skip over the rice cereals. I hope he likes squash this weekend. I never in a million years thought I would ever buy a can of formula, but I don’t know what else to do if I’m not making enough milk.

Since Chet isn’t following my plan, I hope that by following his plan things began to fall into place. I’m hoping that introducing food slowly will cut down on his demand for breast milk. I’m hoping his teeth will come in and my period will go away, and Chet will happily return to nursing. I’m hoping the extra attention to diligently pumping will help increase my milk supply.

And if I wasn’t overwhelmed enough by trying to figure out all the breast milk/nursing/solid food concerns, Chet monster decided to surprise me with another change this morning. Guess who decided to start sleeping on his belly last night? This one makes me smile though. Doesn’t he look cozy?

Sleepy Baby

Tips for surviving all of the above? Suggestions? Hugs? I’ll take them all.

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7 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by all things baby

  1. check out the human milk for human babies…before heading to formula. there are lots of women that have overstock and are willing to share. if i can get consistent at pumping ill donate some for ya 🙂
    My guy is still eating good so far….sleeping is a whole other story….we are back to every couple hours all night with a very late bed time (he is wiggling around as i type…) he does watch everything i eat so I’m thinking in a couple weeks we will try some homemade purees. i wonder if he just isn’t getting enough each feeding but when i pump its still a lot….

  2. I feel for you. I’m sorry that you are having a rough time. The only advice I can offer is to try and connect with a lactation specialist to see if they have any words of wisdom for you. I know how you feel about formula (as I feel the same way), but something that I learned along the way is that ANY amount of breast milk is better than none and will still give precious Chet the antibodies and good stuff that he needs (as long as he drinks at least 4oz. a day). So if you DO end up having to go with formula, try to keep up the pumping as long as you can to give him at least some of the good stuff. Hang in there… Hugs to you!

  3. Have you tried fenugreek? It is a natural supplement to boost your supply. Only downside is that you start to smell like maple syrup, but hey there are worse things you could smell like! I guess it is our little ones job to remind us each that they are the ones in control and not us. We have to go with the flow..they will always win!! ha ha Good luck!

  4. Deep breath!!! You’ll be fine and so will Chet! Blog the worst case scenarios of each of your worries and read it as someone else. Life could definitely be worse. What we currently face always seems so hard, but this will pass! You got this MOM!

  5. hi kristy, not sure where you are in all of this right now… a few things that may help. Get Traumeel: at whole foods / health food store, the traumeel tincture, apply a few drops to his teeth and gums and it will help with the teething, we’ve seen better results with it than with the camilia or hylands gel. If the breastfeeding is just not happening, and you’ve made it so far, celebrate what you have managed so far. If you heart and body wants to continue feeding, see what you can do to create a really calm, sweet space for him to nurse and be mindful of your own well-being, if nursing and your ideal vision for it is becoming too stressful for you, maybe it is time to stop. It sounds like you’re already doing the right things, offering it to him etc. 5 months is super young to start solids, but then again, every baby is different, and if he’s leading you have to follow. hope this helps!!! hang in there. peace.

    1. ahhh thank you. This helps more than you know! It feels like a hug through the computer!

      I haven’t heard of Traumeel, but I will be tracking it down. His bottom two teeth have popped through, but now I can see two more. Chet has also returned from his nursing strike (for now). As much as I love the bonding time we share during nursing, I do know it is up to him when he is ready to let go. I’ve readjusted my mindset, and we are taking it one month at a time. Right now I have enough breast milk to get us to 6 months. We will tackle the new month when it gets here.

      Thank you again!

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