Downward Dog

Feeling good is what it’s all about. ~Eoin Finn

Tonight, after tucking Chet into bed, I had the house to myself. I unrolled my yoga mat. I pulled out a yoga video I haven’t practiced since before my pregnancy, and I spoiled myself for fifty minutes. Half way through my practice, I had company on my mat. A four-legged friend of mine decided he would be my perfect yoga companion. The back half of my mat belonged to him.

Yoga is contagious. Finding peace within yourself makes everyone want to be near you. Every time I practice at home, the household gathers into the room with me. Positive energy is a magnet.

Final thoughts from my practice tonight…

Our goals are important. It feels amazing to achieve goals in life, but always try to do them recognizing our connection to the web of life. Realize that even though we spend a lot of time looking for gold outside of us, right there, in the center of our chests, warm and bright as the sunshine, there is openness and love and something golden. It will live way longer than all of us. It’s called the force of love. Be powered by this thing. Spread it around. Feel inspired. ~Eoin Finn


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