Running Free

Seven days until race day. I’m smack in the middle of a two-week taper, and I’m feeling strong. I’m feeling healthy. I’m feeling ready. Every time I think about it, I get excited. Race day is right around the corner.

Training for this half marathon began weeks ago. June 11th to be exact. When I think of the journey I’ve been on this summer, I can’t help but feel emotion (blame breast-feeding hormones? life hormones?). In my post, Training Day #1, I finally shed the post baby running label. Training day #1 marked the beginning of my journey back to just running.

Another rain-less run even though a storm was lingering in the distance

Today I tackled an eight mile run. I ran the first 3 miles with my training buddy before we went our own ways to continue to define our own individual levels of strong (She had her own amazing run – and much more inspiring – read it here). While I’m trying to ignore time expectations, I do know that if all the pieces of the puzzle come together perfectly, I can run a sub 2:15 half marathon (a HUGE new PR for me). If I maintain a 10:15 min/mile pace for the race, this will happen. As I set off to run the last five miles on my own, I wanted to see if I could run a 10:15 min/mile by feel. Ignoring my watch, I just ran. I ran what I thought was a 10:15 minute mile. I wanted to feel like I was running strong.

The outcome of my experiment:

Mile 4: 9:56

Mile 5: 1o:04

Mile 6: 9:45

Mile 7: 9:59

Mile 8: 9:49

Good News? Bad News? The good: what I perceived to be a 10:15 output was actually a sub 10 output. The bad: I have no idea what a 10:15 minute mile feels like.  The few miles I will be running this week, I will be trying to run a 10:15 pace (paying a little closer attention to my watch) because I’d love to carry that pace for 13.1 miles.

Did I mention my run was gorgeous today!!! We picked a new route and ran along the bay into the state park. (warning: tons of photos below)

Seven more days!!!! and I think it is safe to say I’m just running again! and I survived summer training!

Lynnhaven Bay from on top of the Lesner Bridge
Cape Henry Trail in First Landing State Park
Back up and over the Bridge this time on the Chesapeake Bay side
Chesapeake Bay
Lynnhaven Bay on the way back to the car

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3 thoughts on “Running Free

  1. You’re very inspirational. I don’t know what it is but running is so hard for me. I hike a lot and can go hours on treadmill or stairmaster at a good clip but the second I start to run, I’m done. I ran 1 mile the other night. I’d love to do more since it is so easy to get a workout in but I have to figure out what my issue is.

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