While Sunday has been marked on my calendar since the beginning of summer, I’ve somehow ignored that I’m running a half marathon this weekend. The 1st annual Crawlin Crab half-marathon is this Sunday in Hampton, Virginia (just a quick 30 minute underwater tunnel drive away). This raced is put on by a the local running group that hosts a handful of great fun races so I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

I can come up with a handful of reason I haven’t found my normal prerace jitters/excitement –

  • Chet has been sick this week for the first time. He has an ear infection. It has definitely kept me preoccupied.
  • Having just run the Rock n Roll half marathon five weeks ago, race day has lost it’s luster?
  • I’ve mentally transitioned to full marathon training, so I view this race as a training run instead of a race?
  • Having run 14 miles two weekends ago, 13.1 seems “easy”?
  • My lackluster run at the Rock n Roll has left me content with simply just running?

While I do know my sick baby has got all my attention this week, the rest are just guesses. Who knows why this race is seeming so uneventful in my head? I’m sure I’ll feel differently as I line up Sunday morning in Corral #4 waiting for my turn to cross the start line.

sick baby snuggles

Now to pump myself up for race day:

The weather is looking much more promising for my run this time around. According to our local weather, a big blast of cold air is arriving on Sunday: high of 70, low of 55. National news is predicting rain. Cold and Rain are my perfect running conditions, so I will take either one.

The course looks like a good one. I’ve never run in Hampton, so I think the newness will be good for me. It also follows the Chesapeake Bay for a good chunk of the run.

And the big questions? Can I run down 2:15? Just like the Rock n Roll half, I feel pretty confident that I can PR. The question is by how much? As I have learned the hard way, only race day will tell!

There are also free Peroni beers waiting at the finish line AND crab and corn chowder in a bread bowl! I’m more excited about the soup!

And the things I still need to decide:

What to wear? I love my running choice for the Rock n Roll, but it didn’t bring me any luck at the race? Redeem the outfit or find a new one?

What to show on my Garmin? Pace or no pace? To be honest, I think I run stronger when I don’t know my number. The question is can I let go of “caring about my number” during a race. I ran eight miles on Saturday without pace showing on my watch, and it was a good strong run for me. 10:19 pace and it felt comfortable the whole way (10:18 is a 2:15 half). I ran 4 easy miles on Monday night without pace showing with perfect negative splits and a 10:01 overall pace.

I think I might just try to run without it this time….maybe???

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2 thoughts on “Distracted

  1. Ah good luck!!!!! I seriously can’t believe it’s this weekend!!! I’m guessing a new race doesn’t have tracking yet?? Sometimes I find I do my best on races that I’m not too nervous about. I’m going to be thinking of you (AND SOOOO JEALOUS of your post-race treats!!!). I wish I was running this race now, too!! (And don’t think I didn’t look into it when you first said you were running this.)

  2. Good luck Kristy! Sounds like it will be a fun race. Looking forward to reading about how it goes….and I am so happy to hear that the weather should be on your side this time around!

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