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Tuesday, while I was tackling speedwork on my lunch break, my phone was busy blogging. I keep my phone in my back butt pocket when I run for an emergency or for a photo I just have to stop and take. Sometime between 400s, my butt started blogging. Somehow my wordpress app opened, an old draft was opened, and it was published. I have to laugh. My husband called. I thought you were running. Why are you blogging about Chet being three weeks old? I thought about deleting it, but in truth, it was fun to read.

We have come a long way since Chet was three weeks old. It was a nice reminder. It was nice to take inventory of progress. It is also comforting to know he is still a baby and some things don’t change over night.

Last night was another doozy of a night for Chet. He was up from midnight until 3am. I was exhausted. I wasn’t feeling well. My body ached. After nursing him and realizing he wasn’t going back to sleep, I couldn’t do it. As much as I wanted to get out of bed, I couldn’t. My body felt like a brick at the bottom of a pool. I didn’t even have the energy to move a leg. Christian saved me and Chet. He rocked him. He swayed with him. He snuggled him back to sleep, but as soon as they got close to the crib Chet woke back up.

I know this doesn’t sound like progress. I know most babies are sleeping by the time they are 11 months old. I know. I don’t know why Chet doesn’t. I do know he will when he’s ready.

And I have to laugh again because even though Chet has progressed a lot since three weeks of life in all areas of his life but sleeping, our biggest hurdle this week  just like then (just like my butt accidentally blogged) is also boobs and gas. Last weekend he decided to bite me. Not once or twice, but a few times. I decided to pump and bottle feed since he was refusing to nurse. I thought maybe Chet was weaning, but he’s back to nursing again. Who knows? And gas. He’s really diving into eating everything we eat. I think his belly is trying hard to keep up. If he doesn’t use the bathroom before bed, it seems like he is up all night with gas (see above).

Banana Muffins. Yum.

So here we are approaching Chet’s 11 months birthday when so much has changed and yet so much is still the same. And somewhere in the past 11 months, my running is changing too. My legs are starting to get speedy. The 400s I was running while my phone was busy blogging are becoming easier. My legs are getting stronger. I had my first run with an overall pace in the 8s. I am skipping tonight’s run because my body is tired. My brain is tired. I’m resting now, but on Saturday I will be running 14 miles at some point in the day depending on how Chet sleeps.

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7 thoughts on “Mom Brain

  1. yay for speedy legs. And yes, yay for 11 months but so much changes over the first 11 months…yes yes. Nice job on the paces. And good luck on the 14. I have 15 this weekend so we are on similar tracks here. Good for you for resting.

  2. your butt is stirring up commotion yet again! was your tongue out too when you were running? love butt blogging stories. see you soon speedy!

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