Yesterday our baby boy celebrated his first birthday. The big 1. We had to modify our birthday plans since his big brother had the flu. We rescheduled the family dinner for next weekend, but we couldn’t let the day go by without enjoying every second with Chet. He woke up to a new car (the last time that will happen on his birthday!). His grandma and grandpa stopped by to drop off a fun tunnel. I made all his favorite foods.


The plan for his party was to have a snowman party. Chet is obsessed with balls, so what better way to celebrate his birthday than with snowball fight. I found an indoor snowball set – seriously the coolest thing ever – and our family laughed until our sides ached as we attacked each other with snowballs in the living room.


The day ended with some yummy carrot cake cupcakes. Chet was so full from eat two huge portions at dinner, he wasn’t very interested. He ended up throwing it at his brother (maybe the snowballs were a bad idea!). After a quick bath, he fell asleep on the way to his crib.


Happy happy birthday Chet Christian. You are such a source of joy in our lives. You are full of life, full of smiles, and full of energy. Every single day you teach me the importance of giving love. You have taught me how to be selfless, you have taught me that I’m strong, and you have shown me how important it is to love every single moment.

1! 1 amazing boy! 1 amazing year! We love you Chet!


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