Vote for Cole

Every night I tuck Cole into bed. Now that he is growing up, I kiss him on the forehead. When did I quit kissing him on the lips? After he is asleep, I sneak back into his room to say good night one more time. I am always amazed at how grown up he has become.Continue reading “Vote for Cole”

The Gift of Giving

Somewhere in the hustle and the bustle of the season, I overlooked taking Cole out to do Christmas shopping of his own. Our Christmas budget was tight this year, so I was focused on stretching it as far as possible. Christian and I decided to skip gifts for each other (although we didn’t stick toContinue reading “The Gift of Giving”

Happy Holidays

From our family to yours – I hope today you were surround by love and wonder. I hope you can find amazement in the all the small things. I hope, no matter what you celebrate, that you have a reason to believe. I hope that this holiday season inspires love, compassion and giving. Happy Holidays.Continue reading “Happy Holidays”