Resolve to Shine

Welcome 2013. A new year. A fresh start. A new beginning. For so many New Year’s Day symbolizes a new beginning. Since I feel like I’ve already begun, I prefer to view today as a day to polish. I don’t want to go back and start over, but I can always use a little fine tuning.

Every year tends to embrace a theme in my life. 2012 was about learning to let go. 2013…I have a feeling this year is going to teach me to shine. It’s a year to embrace who I am. It’s a year to find confidence to glow in every situation.

The light in me honors the light in you.

This common Buddhist greeting really wraps its arms around how I want to live my life. I try to see the good in everyone. I try to find good in every situation. I trust that people’s intentions are true and honest. Even when different, I respect others beliefs, hopes, dreams, and truths because I believe all people act according to what they believe is best. The light in me honors their light.

Another Day. Another Trail Run.

I’ve been missing a piece of the puzzle though. In my attempt to always honor the light in others, I tend to let my light go dim when I’m surrounded by people who have different beliefs then my own. I tend to shy away from conversations that I think will put me in a position to be judged for my opinions by others. I have no problem sharing myself with my husband, with friends who are like-minded, on my blog, but in real life and unfamiliar environments I get quiet. Why? I’m not sure. But starting today I’m going to make an attempt to let my light shine always.

All of my intentions are good. Everything I do, everything I believe in, everything I try to teach my children stems from love – a love for myself, a love for my family, a love for my community, and a love for my planet. These things should always shine.

The past few weeks I’ve really become aware of this behavior in myself. I’ve found myself in a room full of people and not voicing my thoughts because they were different from the majority. I’ve grown socially awkward because I’m afraid to share. I’m afraid that voicing my thoughts will cause another person to shy away from their own.

But I’ve also found myself in situations where I’ve shared and blossomed. Running with my friend last weekend – someone I haven’t seen in over a decade – had me wondering if we would connect over those 13 miles or would we be ready for conversation to end at mile 5. Instead of shying away (which is my natural tendency) I opened up and shared. The give and take in the conversation was so refreshing. The result was 13 fabulous miles that instantly erased years of missed time. I left that run feeling a little more alive.  While emailing with a very dear friend, she openly shared herself and her opinions about getting married, having children, and growing as a family. Her confidence was so refreshing. Her light shined through.

I’m ready to let my light shine always. Different or the same, if we all honor ourselves and our values while respecting the values of others our world can be a pretty amazing place.

Sun Shining as the Moon Rises
Sun Shining as the Moon Rises

And yes…..the song, This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna let it Shine is playing in my head as I write this post.

Let it shine.

Let it shine.

Let it shine.

Cheers to 2013.

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5 thoughts on “Resolve to Shine

  1. You have a wonderful “light”. As briefly as I was in your presence at The Nutcracker I could see it, feel it. You glow with it.
    Keep it shining and it will light up other people. They may not know right away what the feeling is but they will begin to realize they want some of that and by living your life the way you do you will inspire. Good for you.

  2. Reading this I was nodding my head the whole time!
    I too will shy away in large groups if I feel in the minority of my thoughts or opinions. I often lose my voice so to speak for fear of being judged. But here’s the thing: I don’t judge them (being friends or coworkers) if my beliefs are different. Instead I try and see things or at least UNDERSTAND things from their point of view: WHY they would think that way. By doing this I feel myself growing. I might change my opinion, I might stand firmer in my original opinion, but I ALWAYS feel better knowing that I embrace the differences in my peers. So why can I not let my own voice be heard? I am sure most of my friends and coworkers would treat my voice with the same respect. I am going to work on this. Thanks for sharing your feelings and being a light.
    Cheers to growing and shining in the new year!

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