Breathing Room (by Room)

With my life changing to a new chapter, I knew the priority of this chapter had to be about space. It had to be about finding my breath again. I had to create breathing room in my life. After tackling our garage project a few weekends ago, I knew the rest of the house had to be the number one priority on my list. Over the next few months, our house is getting a long over due make over. I’m using this space on my blog to keep myself accountable, to keep this thought process on the front of my brain, and to keep forward progress.

I’m decluttering.

I’m redecorating.

I’m bring life back to our space.

Our house has always felt like home to me. The moment we walked in the front door, I knew it was our home. I instantly saw my children running up and down the stairs. I heard the sounds of their feet as the ran from their room to the family room. I saw myself cooking in the kitchen. The backyard was filled with future cookouts and cornhole. Our house was built in 1960. We bought from the original owners. It feels loved. While our house has always felt like home, I’m not sure it reflects our family personality. We’ve moved furniture in. We filled the closets. My hope with this project is to strip away the layers of clutter, to throw away/donate/sell what we don’t need. I want a clean slate to showcase what we love. I want a clean slate before we layer back in the textures, the colors, and the memories of the things we love.

I hope to update my blog once a month to check things off the list and to add them when needed. This is my space to document how I’m finding my room to breathe room by room.

Family Room:

  • Move John’s Childhood dresser to room, sand and paint
  • Use John’s dresser as photo and office storage
  • Update family picture wall
  • Clean out built-in closet
  • Downsize Toy basket collection


  • Pantry Doors
  • Paint
  • Tackle wainscoting (paint or remove)

Play Room:

  • Downsize toy collection

Master Bedroom:

  • Paint
  • Downsize clothing collection

Cole’s Room:

  • Grow up the Space (ditch little boy stuff)
  • Box up toys that Chet will want in the future
  • Down size toy collection
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Switch bookcases with Chet
  • Remove John’s Childhood Dresser
  • Take old dresser out of closet
  • Paint old dresser

Chet’s Room:

  • Sell changing table
  • Sell/donate baby stuff
  • Switch bookcase with Cole
  • Move dresser from Laundry to bedroom
  • Make closet toy storage
  • Downsize toys

Upstairs Bathroom:

  • Hang art work

Downstairs Bathroom:

  • Yikes! It needs help!


  • Organize
  • Take stuff to goodwill


  • Paint Front Door

This list should get us back on track! A happy home makes a happy life, right! Once this list is tackled, I’ll be ready to tackle the outside of our house.

The day we moved in
The day we moved in (before new door and new roof)

(my other goal is to do this spending the least amount of money possible. Fortunately I have my Aunt Beth on speed dial – she’s amazing at this – and plenty of friends to help me brainstorm.)

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2 thoughts on “Breathing Room (by Room)

  1. Sounds like a good plan! I love cleaning and donating! It’ll make your house feel like new! A little paint and some rearranging can go a long way :o)

  2. What what a project. I do agree though-I think decluttering and bringing life back into your house is fantastic. It is a way to breath again. I’m trying to get rid of so much right now…moving around made me realize how much junk I own.

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