All my Days

Well I have been searching all of my days

All of my days

Many a road, you know

I’ve been walking on

All of my days

And I’ve been trying to find

What’s been in my mind

As the days keep turning into night

Words haven’t been easy to find lately. I’ve stared at this blank screen every night wishing for words to appear. They haven’t transformed themselves to paper. Instead I’m feeling them. I’m hearing them. I’m living them. I’m digesting them.

Life is lived in seasons, and I know with all my heart this season is a moment of peace and freedom. Life feels still. It’s a moment of pause. It’s a moment of appreciation.


Well I have been quietly standing in the shade

All of my days

Watch the sky breaking on the promise that we made

All of this rain

And I’ve been trying to find

What’s been in my mind

As the days keep turning into night

As I headed out yesterday on a beach cruiser with a pack of amazing girls, I couldn’t help but pinch myself. I was with great friends biking through a beautiful state park while the sun was shining.


Last week as I dug in dirt with my four year old removing ivy as old as our house, I felt breath in our movements. Being busy is where he thrives. Working beside him I felt alive. Our home seemed to whisper thank you as we brought her back to life.

Saturday night I sat on a bar stool beside my husband eating tacos and enjoying beer. This is easily one of my favorite date night activities. Conversation flowed to where we are in life right now. Being able to support his career growth more while he supports my journey of career exploration has brought a refreshing balance to our life.

Last weekend Cole’s best friend showed up at our door. He was hoping Cole could join him on a bike ride to 7-Eleven for slurpees. We’ve never let Cole venture that far before, but he’s matured into middle school this year. It’s time to give him some freedom.

Now I see clearly

It’s you I’m looking for 

All of my days

Soon I’ll smile

I know I’ll feel this loneliness no more

All of my days

For I look around me

And it seems you’ve found me

And it’s coming into sight

As the days keep turning into night

As the days keep turning into night

And even breathing feels all right

Yes, even breathing feels all right

Now even breathing feels all right

It’s even breathing

Feels all right

My words have always been my comfort. They provide a silver lining when life gets tough. I’ve always used my words to capture moments of growth, but this season of life doesn’t require comfort, silver linings or growth. This season of life is meant to be lived.

I’m on a path that feels perfectly made for me. I’m surround by strength and support. My community has been built. The sun is shining on me right now, and I have every intention of spreading my arms, lifting my head, and soaking up all it has to offer.

My favorite song for this season: All my Days by Alexi Murdoch

(Thank you Nicole at My Fit Family for always beautifully incorporating lyrics into your life. You inspire me daily!)


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