All my Days

Well I have been searching all of my days All of my days Many a road, you know I’ve been walking on All of my days And I’ve been trying to find What’s been in my mind As the days keep turning into night Words haven’t been easy to find lately. I’ve stared at thisContinue reading “All my Days”

The Magic of Marathon

Shortly after the bombing at the Boston Marathon, I read a post on Facebook that left an impression on me. The marathon is one of the few places left where the human spirit thrives. Runners accept water from strangers. We eagerly accepted orange slices and bananas from people we’ve never met. Hugs and high fivesContinue reading “The Magic of Marathon”

Loving vs Labeling

In the midst of saying goodbye to Christian’s father, I sought out a fine balance for how much I wanted Cole to know about death and dying. How much did I want him to see? In the few days that my father-in-law was in hospice care and in the hospital, he changed rapidly. He went from beingContinue reading “Loving vs Labeling”