The Pushers and The Pullers

In the Shamrock half marathon (and even the marathon), the turn on to Fort Story is a huge turning point in the race. The course changes directions. Heading north is done. The course is now southbound straight to the finish line. As I made that turn on to the base, I was overwhelmed with emotion forContinue reading “The Pushers and The Pullers”

Trapped in a Moment

Over a decade ago my life consisted of college classes and work. Determined to graduate in five years after slacking off for the first three, my school schedule was packed. I also worked a lot. One of my jobs in college was at Nordstrom. In a rush from work to class, I made a mad dashContinue reading “Trapped in a Moment”

Two months and counting

Two months from today is the Richmond marathon. For the first time since I’ve committed to running it, I feel confident that it will be a successful race for me. Before this weekend’s long run, I’ve wondered, doubted and questioned if I’d be ready to run. My hip injury and the summer heat have beenContinue reading “Two months and counting”


Life has stages, live in harmony with them. ~ Eoin Finn I’ve been waiting for the next stage of life to begin. I’ve been sitting on the verge of  what is about to happen. I’ve been quietly waiting for the next chapter. So many chapters of my life have come to a close lately. ChetContinue reading “Shifting”

Joy! In Spirit and In Running Too.

It’s back. That place that I love so much in running found its way back to me. It has been hibernating for a few weeks (and coincidently my blog has also taken a slumber). It has been eight weeks since my hip first began its refusal to run. I nurtured it. I ran easy. I cut backContinue reading “Joy! In Spirit and In Running Too.”