Chicago Marathon

Oh Chicago! A normal race recap doesn’t do this race justice because this race wasn’t about racing at all. This race was about heart. From the top of Machu Picchu Mountain in Peru to the finish line in Chicago, Jerry has been telling me that this race was about loving the marathon. I always believedContinue reading “Chicago Marathon”


The Christmas tree is now beside the curb, the new year lingers, and Chet’s birthday is less than a week away. With Christmas decorations put away, the house feels renewed. It’s a blank slate ready for a new year. From my rocking chair in the corner where the Christmas tree once stood, I watch ChetContinue reading “Approaching”

Understanding Need

I sit in front of my computer screen starring at medical companies and emails every single day. All of them are filled with potential, but on my side of the screen, I sit feeling needy. The information I need to make things happen doesn’t exist inside my head. I have to ask for help. TheContinue reading “Understanding Need”

Nothing speaks louder than Love

It’s the holiday season. Houses are decorated. We put on our best clothes. We prepare nicer than usual dinners. We surround ourselves with family and friends. We give gifts to show our love. We present ourselves in the best way possible. This holiday has so many meanings for so many people. Whether you celebrate HanukkahContinue reading “Nothing speaks louder than Love”

Live, Love, Run

By the time August rolls around, I’ve had it with summer running. My motivation to run has been slowly disappearing. I’m sleeping through my alarm clock. I’m dreading the early morning weekend run. Technically speaking, I’m 93 days away from the Richmond Marathon, yet I don’t have the marathon buzz just yet. Blame it onContinue reading “Live, Love, Run”