Connecting the Dots

Today is the last day of my 40 day goal challenge. So how did I do:

Set #2 (April 23 – June 2)

1. Trader Joe’s Sundays – grocery shop for the week and plan ahead – DONE!

2. Create Vision Board – magazine and images are collected, i just haven’t got creative with it yet

3. Post life goals – 1 year, 5 year, 10 year DONE!

4. Follow training plan & listen to my body – DONE!

5. Eat dinner Solo – no laptop, no magazines, no books (Thanks Sara!) – Didn’t happen! (sorry Sara!)

6. Take Cole on his 1st backcountry  backpacking trip – Not yet 😦

7. SWIM! Take a lesson to learn real technique, take a aquatics class, jump in and swim a lap! I don’t care what it is, but I’m making myself get in the pool!  Giving myself a pass until an adult swim clinic opens up! Classes start in July!!!!

8. Learn to change a flat tire on my road bike – Nope 😦

9. Start composting in our backyard – Got the spot for it!

10. Make/Buy a rain barrel – Christian’s attending a class next week!

11. Find a yoga studio I want to join. on hold for a little bit – I’ll explain more in a future blog. (explanation coming!)

12. Paint 1 room in our house. – Nope 😦

13. Get Cole to a kid’s yoga class – Nope 😦

14. Visit Sara and Shawn in Richmond  – visited with Sara twice! Not Shawn, he’s got crazy deadlines at work. We are planning a weekend getaway in July though.

15. Per Kerrie’s request – start brainstorming bigger ideas – thoughts in progress!

So I’m 5 for 15. Yikes! 33% success rate this time. And you know what. It’s OKAY!

In fact, it’s GREAT…………………….because I”M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (oh my gosh, I’ve been dying to write that in this blog for the past 11 weeks!). I might be only 33% on track with these goals, but we are 100% having a baby!!!

So I didn’t paint! Hot Yoga is off-limits until after the baby! We didn’t backpack! I didn’t go out to eat because food doesn’t sound good right now. I didn’t learn to change my tire, because I will not be riding solo for the rest of the year! I haven’t created my vision board yet, because I want to be full of life and energy when I create it! Cole didn’t get to kid’s yoga because swim was all I could mentally handle. And we haven’t started composting yet (again, the whole throw up thing!).

The past 40 days have been filled with complete and utter exhaustion, a lot of nausea, and just one day of throwing up.  The good news is that this week my energy levels are getting back to normal.  I’m not nauseous anymore (as long as I eat all day long!). I know a lot of you who read this blog routinely had your suspicions based on all my rambling about being tired and not myself. Yes! You guessed right! I’m pregnant! I also knew I was pregnant when I posted my life vision!

Tomorrow I will post my new list of goals. These will be focused a lot on the baby. They will be focused on taking care of me. And I will be carrying over a few from this list that I just didn’t get to!

Today was our first ultrasound!  Meet Baby Maute who has affectionately been named Maute Moo by my dear friend Kerrie.  Maute Moo is due December 27th (oh baby – more on my feeling about a Christmas baby over the next few months). We are all beaming with excitement in our house. Cole was happier than I could have hoped.  The grandparents are thrilled.

Doesn’t he/she look like a cow!!!

Now that we’ve had the ultrasound and we’ve seen the baby and heard the heartbeat, I feel much more comfortable sharing our baby news.  While there will be lots of baby talk between now and the new year, I promise this isn’t going to become just a baby blog. The whole process is fun and crazy and exciting and nerve-racking. I plan on maintaining my running unless I have complications. I will also be doing a lot of yoga.  Routine meals are balancing themselves back out, but I’m not responsible for the cravings!

Thank you for sharing in our celebration.  It is going to be a fun year!!!!

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18 thoughts on “Connecting the Dots

  1. I won’t spoil everyone from reading your blog by posting this on FB…but OMG Congrats!!!!! I have been, and do enjoy reading your blogs. Gives me something to do during my mini-breaks of watching the kids…and your blog posts are inspiring 🙂 I was definitely going to ask you if you were pregnant just b/c of all the tired posts! So excited for you guys!!!!! A new baby heading your way!!! WOOT WOOT!

  2. I am so excited for you guys!! What a wonderful reason for not reaching all your goals. The Maute family is expanding!

  3. YEAH!!! I’m so glad you’ve finally told the world! I can’t wait to buy “Maute Moo” every pony themed thing I can:)

  4. ahh…so excited to finally be able to share the good news with everyone…LOVE your blog and you!!!

  5. I thought so, but after the last time I thought you were coming out, I said I’m not going to do that again..:)
    I am so happy for you and your wonderful family. I can’t wait to read more about this pregnancy and all that he or she brings into your life. BTW, I got the feeling right away Maute Moo is a beautiful girl, just sayin 🙂 Much love and lots of blessings for you hun.

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