Over Thinking

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I know I’m guilty of it. I tend to over think most situations. I can think a relatively easy process into something much more complicated. Sometimes it is hard to turn off my brain, quit thinking, and go with the flow. Who doesn’t want to know that everything is going to turn out alright? It always does even if I think too much.

The past two days/nights Chet has been showing signs of teething. Fussy? Yes. Drooling? Absolutely. He can soak through multiple outfits and bibs each day. Chewing? Yes. He chews on his pacifier. He naws at anything that comes near his mouth. His hands don’t stand a chance. I can handle all of these symptoms without much thought. And then a new symptom showed up last night. He refused to nurse. I thought he was just over tired so I tucked him into bed. He nursed through both his mid-night wake ups. This morning he woke up, and he refused to nurse again. I offered it to him several times, but he refused. Pumping and bottle feeding took over. It happened again on for his next feeding.

Poor soccer ball is now covered in saliva

It is HARD to not over think Chet’s refusal to breast feed. I love nursing my baby. He is the baby that refused to take a bottle for weeks because he loved nursing too. I cried my way through seven weeks of cracked bloody nipples so I could continue to nurse my baby. In hopes of easing my fears that Chet now prefers the bottle over the breast, Christian did some research online. He found several websites that state that the latch required for nursing can cause discomfort for teething babies. I certainly hope this is true. I can’t let my brain think about pumping exclusively and not nursing. I don’t even want that to be an option, but I do know one thing about my child. He tends to not follow my plans. He is, after all, the baby I had to induce labor for despite all of my dislikes.

Fortunately the day didn’t want me to sit around over thinking my non-nursing baby. Our kitchen sink plumbing decided to crack and leak water all over our kitchen floor. I also had a running date with my friend Heidi.

I left Christian with a hyper 7-year-old, a teething 3 month old and a broken kitchen sink, and I headed to the trails to meet Heidi. Did I mention that I love my husband? Although Heidi and I talk quite a bit, I haven’t seen her since high school. I was definitely looking forward to catching up with her, but I was also had first-date jitters. Bring on the over thinking. I don’t normally run with people. Would I run too slow? Would I hold her back? Would I talk too much? What if she doesn’t like running with me? Fortunately the teething baby and the broken kitchen sink kept me distracted so I couldn’t over think the run until I got in my car.

Guess what? Just like it always does, it turned out just fine. In fact, it turned out better than I had expected. We fell into a rhythm of running together. We shared laughs about over thinking the entire process. I’m not the only one who has first running date jitters. Before I knew it, we had run 2.5 miles to the next trail head. We tackled a 2 mile loop that kicked my butt with all the ups and downs. We then ran the trail back to our cars for a total of 6.25ish miles. (Guess whose Garmin didn’t work at all on this run. 100% battery life means my watch will die .5 miles into our run). It was great running with a friend. I enjoyed my run this weekend in such a different way than I enjoyed my run last weekend. There is something therapeutic about being stride for stride with a friend. Hard doesn’t seem so unmanageable when you’re tackling it with someone else.

What was I so worried about? (via Pinterest)

Sometimes I wonder why I over think life so much. I know that it always always always works out how it is supposed to and sometimes it even surprises me by turning out even better than I thought. But that is as far as I’m willing to go with that thought process.I’m not even going to begin to over think over thinking.

(I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures today!)

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4 thoughts on “Over Thinking

  1. and the kitchen sink was back to better then before! and both boys survived! Happy wife is a Happy life!!!

  2. Ava has been chewing, drooling, etc for a while now (she’s 5 months) and H was a late teether but I keep looking for teeth because I’m convinced she has to be teething! One thing she LOVES is the Sophie the giraffe teething ring. It’s smaller with round handles and she prefers it over the regular Sophie. I can’t describe how much she loves this teether! I got one for Corinne since Ava is so obsessed with it. I would get one for Chet if you don’t have it already (you can find it on amazon and I think babiesrus has them now). Oh, and I never used an amber teething necklace for H but so many people have talked about them and recommended them that I ordered one and have it on the way for Ava. She’s been a little off in the sleeping department the last couple of weeks and I hope wearing this during the day and putting it around her ankle at night will help ease any discomfort she might be having. Just a couple things I hope might help you guys! Hang in there….it’s amazing how much you can love nursing your baby. I wish more people understood the amazing bond we can have while breastfeeding our babies! 🙂

    1. Just added that Sophie ring to my amazon shopping cart! He has a ring elephant rattle that he can really hold, and his poor ears are always soaking wet.

      Chet nursed all day Sunday……THANK GOODNESS!

  3. This is an awesome post– I could have totally written it myself with my own family names and details! I’m so glad we ran yesterday and both got through our first-date jitters. It was a great run and great seeing you again!

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