Mental Health Day

Cough. Cough. I’m sick today.

Seriously Too Cute

well….not really sick. Just tired. Just in need of some down time. Chet monster woke up 4 times last night and he nursed for at least 15 minutes each time (yay for nursing!). When my alarm went off this morning I felt like I never went to bed. After a whirlwind of a weekend (possibly our busiest weekend so far this year), I decided to declare today a mental health sick day. We have another full week ahead of us, so I needed some mom time, some quality Chet time, some time to make a good meal for my family, some time to let Cole get home from school before he has to rush off to baseball practice. I needed a day to be a stay at home mom.

After slowly moving around the house this morning, Chet and I headed out on our second jogging stroller date. Chet won most improved rider today. I only heard one peep out of him the whole time – only one passy stop was needed.  I also knocked over 30 seconds off my mile pace and added on an additional quarter-mile.

Mile 1 – 10:42

Mile 2 – 10:13

Final .51 – 5:40 (including a passy stop)

2.51 miles in 26:34

I am really enjoying running with the stroller. I left my garmin at home. I left my music at home. I just ran and chatted with Chet. I am really proud of my running pace too. I had no idea I would run so “fast” with the stroller. It makes me really excited about what lies ahead of me running strollerless. I’m nowhere near my peak. I can’t wait to chase it down.

After our fun run, Chet came home and NURSED! Midday nursing has been nonexistent for the past week or two. It was so wonderful to know he will come back to it when/if he wants too. He then dozed off on my shoulder. I could snuggle him for hours.

While our weekend was filled with lots of nonstop fun, it is the quiet time, the slow days, the normal daily tasks that give me comfort. I start to unravel when life gets too busy. Mental health days should really be a part of the working world.

And just because I can…seriously. He is so cute! I just love him! Here is another photo of my big smiley bald-headed baby!

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