Loving my Time behind the Jogging Stroller

After work I set out to run 4 miles…with the jogging stroller. Before today my longest run with the stroller was 3.1 miles (a 5k). I was lacking motivation going into the run. I wasn’t feeling confident of how fast and how far my legs could carry me after a speedy-for-me 4 mile run last night. I knew I needed accountability. I sent a text to three friends who always motivate me by how determined they are about their own personal running. I knew if I put it out there, I would make myself run the 4 miles one way or another.

Mile 1 – I thought about my friend Sara  who is in the final stretch of her pregnancy and she is still running miles (and lots of them) at a pace I still struggle to beat. 10:23 pace

Mile 2 – I thought about my friend Heidi who I ran next to while she pushed her one year old for 6.2 miles and she dragged me along with her for the final 2 miles. 10:11 pace

Mile 3 – I can’t run without thinking about my hubby. He’s embraced running over the past few months and really made me proud. His running pushed me out of my own running rut and put me back on track. 9:49 pace

Mile 4 – Me. I really am proud of the journey I am on right now. 9:50 pace

When I heard my watch beep at mile 4, I knew I had more. Chet was being an amazing running buddy.

Mile 5 – My wonderful itty bitty running companion. I ran an extra mile for Chet. He absolutely loves being in the stroller with me on our runs. We chatted for the first 2 miles (he doesn’t talk back yet, but I know he wants too!). He slept for miles 3 and 4. And he enjoyed the ride for mile 5. 10:02 pace

Go Mama!

Five Miles. 50:21. 10:04 pace overall.

What a great run!

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4 thoughts on “Loving my Time behind the Jogging Stroller

    I love how you used accountablity to get you motivated and from there your love of running and determination took over. So impressed by you!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I learned early on if I told someone else what I was setting out to do, I would do it! Nothing worse than getting home to say I called it quits a mile short.

      Running is such a mental battle sometimes!

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