And it gets even better

I loved LOVED loved my run yesterday with the jogging stroller. Today I loved it even more. Chet and I were joined by his papa on our run today. And if that wasn’t good enough, we took Chet and the BOB out on its debut trail run. 4 miles. On the Trails. Mile 1 -10:54Continue reading “And it gets even better”

Loving my Time behind the Jogging Stroller

After work I set out to run 4 miles…with the jogging stroller. Before today my longest run with the stroller was 3.1 miles (a 5k). I was lacking motivation going into the run. I wasn’t feeling confident of how fast and how far my legs could carry me after a speedy-for-me 4 mile run lastContinue reading “Loving my Time behind the Jogging Stroller”

I ran over my dog. Twice.

Today is Cole’s first day off summer vacation. It’s his first Monday of no school. And it is his last day with us before he goes to his dad’s house for nearly four weeks. (No! It never gets easy!). I called it quits early today hoping to spend some time with him. Cole had otherContinue reading “I ran over my dog. Twice.”