And it gets even better

I loved LOVED loved my run yesterday with the jogging stroller. Today I loved it even more. Chet and I were joined by his papa on our run today. And if that wasn’t good enough, we took Chet and the BOB out on its debut trail run.

4 miles. On the Trails.

Mile 1 -10:54

Mile 2 -11:04

Mile 3 – 11:20

Mile 4 – 11:14

44:36 that included A LOT of passy stops, check on baby stops, boom boom boom at baby stops. Chet wasn’t nearly as happy on this run as he was yesterday. Sorry little guy. The last mile wasn’t a happy one. (Not included in the time was a pit stop at mile 3 to nurse Chet – Mental Note: Take Cover next time! oops!).

11:09 overall pace (average moving pace was 10:53)

Running trails is so much harder than running on the road. Running trails while pushing a stroller is SO MUCH HARDER than running on the road. (I pushed all 4 miles. Christian tried to push the stroller. I wouldn’t let him. I wanted the bragging rights!)

As soon as my watch beeped at mile 4. I stopped, scooped up the baby, and then we crossed the street to enjoy the ocean air.

I really am loving my life.

(Two more days until Cole gets home and our family feels complete again. I can’t wait to add him and his bicycle to our family run.)

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