I’d love to be..

Sometimes I can get stuck in my own head, daydreaming about where I could have ended up, or another life I could have lived. What if I went away to school? What if I was brave enough to study abroad? What if I got that MFA in Creative Writing I really wanted? What if IContinue reading “I’d love to be..”


The yoga studio was full. Yoga mat after yoga mat were lined up down each side of the room. We all sat facing each other. I was tucked neatly into the back corner quietly waiting for class to start. Just before the door was pulled shut, one more student came into the room. She unrolledContinue reading “Circles”


These are the words I’m choosing to live by…. This week I’ve been on the receiving end of a wonderful gift. Someone reached out to me. Someone who according to the dots that connect us in this world should probably not be my friend. She called me through tears as a way to reach outContinue reading “Vulnerability”