Running with Fear

It’s a story I’ve come to know so well in my life. It’s a feeling I fail to recognize until long after I get caught up in the feelings. I can’t breathe. 2.5 miles into my tempo run yesterday, I stopped dead in my tracks. Tears fell down my cheeks. I was instantly overwhelmed byContinue reading “Running with Fear”


As the back to school preparations took place for school, I sent Cole to his room to pick out his first day of school outfit. We had done some back to school shopping, but all his new things are for cooler weather. I gave him my suggestions of what to wear, and he responded with hisContinue reading “Impressions”


We have hit that stage. Whenever Chet doesn’t get what he wants, he flings himself backwards. He wails. He cries. Sometimes he tries to hit or bite or pull hair. He knows what he wants. After an exhausting evening, both boys tucked into bed, Christian and I just stared at each other. How does oneContinue reading “Tantrums”