Surf-n-Santa 5 miler

I was nervous going into this race, and I was over the moon excited too. After a season of getting my head straight about running, this was the first race I would be testing my new approach. Could I run strong and stay mentally engaged? While Chicago was a blast, it was far from aContinue reading “Surf-n-Santa 5 miler”

Celebrating RunningĀ 

Richmond never disappoints. I love this city every single time I visit. This weekend I kicked off Friday with a day date with my husband – enjoying sushi at our favorite spot, walking to Belle Isle, racing up stairs, and visiting a local brewery – before I was joined by my two best running buddiesContinue reading “Celebrating RunningĀ “

Living, Loving, Running…and Showing Up!

Tuesday night was the kick off meeting for J&A Racing’s Live, Love, Run Team. One of the perks of being on this team is free races. I started my registration process by signing up for my favorite, the Shamrock Marathon. Marathon #3 here I come. I didn’t think much about the registration process until IContinue reading “Living, Loving, Running…and Showing Up!”