Celebrating RunningĀ 

Richmond never disappoints. I love this city every single time I visit. This weekend I kicked off Friday with a day date with my husband – enjoying sushi at our favorite spot, walking to Belle Isle, racing up stairs, and visiting a local brewery – before I was joined by my two best running buddiesContinue reading “Celebrating RunningĀ “

The Magic of Marathon

Shortly after the bombing at the Boston Marathon, I read a post on Facebook that left an impression on me. The marathon is one of the few places left where the human spirit thrives. Runners accept water from strangers. We eagerly accepted orange slices and bananas from people we’ve never met. Hugs and high fivesContinue reading “The Magic of Marathon”

Race Report – Richmond Marathon 2013

Oh Race Day! I knew my biggest challenge on race day would be my brain. I had to keep my head in the game. I had to stay optimistic. I had to stay positive. No matter how tough the race became, I had to stay engaged. While I did not have a time goal goingContinue reading “Race Report – Richmond Marathon 2013”

Reaching for Richmond

When I trained for my first official race in 2009, I was intimidated by the distance. I didn’t care about time or pace, I just wanted to run the miles. I was timid. I was cautious. I had a lot of doubt. Because these feelings played a big role in my training, I guarded myself.Continue reading “Reaching for Richmond”