Once upon a Wicked….

In every fairytale there is a moral of the story. Tucked between “once upon a time” and “happily ever after” is a life lesson waiting to be learned. This weekend was no exception. Tucked between the Wicked 10k and the Monster Mile was a moral to race day that led to happily ever after. PerhapsContinue reading “Once upon a Wicked….”

Running Forward

I want nothing more than to conquer the race course. I want to push past the pain and the discomfort of running hard. I want to overcome the voice in my head that begs me to find my comfort zone. I want to thrive. This week is a race week for me. The Wicked 10k is a mentalContinue reading “Running Forward”

Turkey Trot 10k Race Report

I’m feeling a little race spoiled lately. At the last minute, I decided to run a local turkey trot that is just a mile or two down the street from my house. This year was the 36th year of the race, and I know it’s a favorite of so many friends. My friends Leah andContinue reading “Turkey Trot 10k Race Report”

Wicked 10k 2013 Race Report

There is a reason this is my favorite weekend of the year. It brings together everything I love: family, running, and celebration. This year was a little different. My husband was in Belgium. It was a scramble to figure out which kid went where so I could run and Cole could get to his one mileContinue reading “Wicked 10k 2013 Race Report”

Wicked 10k Race Report

I forgot to mention I was running a 10k this weekend. I had planned on running a long time ago, and then I decided against it. And then after my mom every so gently (or maybe forcefully) reminded me that I needed to beat her this year, I officially signed up. Right after Chet wasContinue reading “Wicked 10k Race Report”