Running Forward

I want nothing more than to conquer the race course. I want to push past the pain and the discomfort of running hard. I want to overcome the voice in my head that begs me to find my comfort zone. I want to thrive. This week is a race week for me. The Wicked 10k is a mentalContinue reading “Running Forward”

Flying Pirate Half Marathon, Time to Fly

“I don’t know where you rightfully live, but I know that there’s something in this world that you love more than you love yourself. Something worthy, by the way, so addiction and infatuation don’t count, because we all know that those are not safe places to live. Right? The only trick is that you’ve gotContinue reading “Flying Pirate Half Marathon, Time to Fly”

Reaching for Richmond

When I trained for my first official race in 2009, I was intimidated by the distance. I didn’t care about time or pace, I just wanted to run the miles. I was timid. I was cautious. I had a lot of doubt. Because these feelings played a big role in my training, I guarded myself.Continue reading “Reaching for Richmond”

Race Day Thoughts – Crawlin Crab Half Marathon

On Sunday, I will be running the Crawlin Crab Half Marathon.  It’s been a while since I’ve raced. A lot has happened since I ran the Country Music Half Marathon back in April. I’ve spent majority of the summer injured. I’ve been working with my running coach. I’ve been getting stronger and faster. While training hasContinue reading “Race Day Thoughts – Crawlin Crab Half Marathon”