Tiny Reminders

“I should have noticed. I should have stopped and paused.” ~Brene Brown This week I have been flooded with reminders to stop and pause. I’ve been deliberately taking the time to recognize the small smiles through out my day. It’s been almost a year since Christian and I lost his father and my aunt toContinue reading “Tiny Reminders”

Happy Holidays

From our family to yours – I hope today you were surround by love and wonder. I hope you can find amazement in the all the small things. I hope, no matter what you celebrate, that you have a reason to believe. I hope that this holiday season inspires love, compassion and giving. Happy Holidays.Continue reading “Happy Holidays”

Rushing to Slow Down

It’s the holiday season. As much as joy and cheer define these few weeks, busy might be a better description. We’ve rushed to get the Christmas tree while trying to slow down and enjoy the process of picking it out. We rushed to hang the lights and the ornaments while trying to savor the time weContinue reading “Rushing to Slow Down”