As the back to school preparations took place for school, I sent Cole to his room to pick out his first day of school outfit. We had done some back to school shopping, but all his new things are for cooler weather. I gave him my suggestions of what to wear, and he responded with hisContinue reading “Impressions”

The Start of Something New

This week marks a huge shift in the function of our household. Monday was my first official day training for the Richmond Marathon. Today is Cole’s first day of 4th grade Tonight is Cole’s first soccer practice for the fall season The end of summer means better weather for all of Christian’s favorite activities: fishing,Continue reading “The Start of Something New”

Step by Step (Ohh baby!)

“Stairs are climbed step by step” ~Turkish Proverb Over a decade ago (yes! that makes me feel old), I walked across the stage and received my diploma from Old Dominion University. I graduated with a degree in English with a concentration in education. I thought I wanted to be a teacher. During those (ahem!) fiveContinue reading “Step by Step (Ohh baby!)”

Living, Loving, Running…and Showing Up!

Tuesday night was the kick off meeting for J&A Racing’s Live, Love, Run Team. One of the perks of being on this team is free races. I started my registration process by signing up for my favorite, the Shamrock Marathon. Marathon #3 here I come. I didn’t think much about the registration process until IContinue reading “Living, Loving, Running…and Showing Up!”