Wicked 10k 2013 Race Report

There is a reason this is my favorite weekend of the year. It brings together everything I love: family, running, and celebration. This year was a little different. My husband was in Belgium. It was a scramble to figure out which kid went where so I could run and Cole could get to his one mileContinue reading “Wicked 10k 2013 Race Report”

Shine on.

Where to begin? So much has occurred in my absence on my blog, I don’t know where to start. Marathon – I decided to drop back to the half marathon because my body wasn’t responding well to the miles. Nothing felt right. My head and heart weren’t committed to the training. I came home andContinue reading “Shine on.”

Race Day Thoughts – Crawlin Crab Half Marathon

On Sunday, I will be running the Crawlin Crab Half Marathon.  It’s been a while since I’ve raced. A lot has happened since I ran the Country Music Half Marathon back in April. I’ve spent majority of the summer injured. I’ve been working with my running coach. I’ve been getting stronger and faster. While training hasContinue reading “Race Day Thoughts – Crawlin Crab Half Marathon”

A Seed.

“Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonder.” ~ Henry David Thoreau As I opened the cover of my newest book to read, From theContinue reading “A Seed.”

Enjoying the now! Somehow I forgot…

All around me, I keep seeing it. My instagram is filled with inspiration to get over it. I’m seeing it in my own child. I’m feeling it in my runs. It’s coming up in conversations. It seems to be my driving force since I set out on this quest to run marathon #2. Fear, orContinue reading “Enjoying the now! Somehow I forgot…”