Grow into it.

Grow into it. These words have echoed in my head for a month now. Sometimes I hold them closely to my heart. Sometimes I whisper them out loud. Sometimes they are the roots that keep me from crumbling. Other times they are the stars that keep me dreaming. These words have become my mantra. GrowContinue reading “Grow into it.”

Carry Me Home

Sunday’s Run Plan: 8-10 miles, race stimulation. Miles 1-4 at a 9:15 pace, miles 5-6 at a 9:00 pace, miles 7-8 at a 8:50 pace, miles 9-10 (if I felt good) at sub 8:50 pace. This weekend was busy. With tons to juggle (picking up Cole half way from Nashville, bringing him home, and Easter),Continue reading “Carry Me Home”

Step by Step (Ohh baby!)

“Stairs are climbed step by step” ~Turkish Proverb Over a decade ago (yes! that makes me feel old), I walked across the stage and received my diploma from Old Dominion University. I graduated with a degree in English with a concentration in education. I thought I wanted to be a teacher. During those (ahem!) fiveContinue reading “Step by Step (Ohh baby!)”

I’d love to be..

Sometimes I can get stuck in my own head, daydreaming about where I could have ended up, or another life I could have lived. What if I went away to school? What if I was brave enough to study abroad? What if I got that MFA in Creative Writing I really wanted? What if IContinue reading “I’d love to be..”

Vote for Cole

Every night I tuck Cole into bed. Now that he is growing up, I kiss him on the forehead. When did I quit kissing him on the lips? After he is asleep, I┬ásneak back into his room to say good night one more time. I am always amazed at how grown up he has become.Continue reading “Vote for Cole”